Energy -saving 25%!Germany Bingli Development 烯 EXTRUDED PVC SHEET Materials Manufacturing Materials

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam

In its PolySLS project, Germany develops a new type of energy -saving layer material for additive manufacturing. The company reports that compared with the traditional polyamide 12 (PA12), the new styrene polymer has achieved up to 67 % of energy saving on the project. In the Ineos-Polymer-compound.jpg3D printing device, when using a new styrene polymer, it can directly save 25%of energy. Using this new styrene polymer in 3D printing device can directly save 25 % of energy. The main reason is that the lower process temperature generated during the printing process, as well as short heating and cooling time, which saves more energy consumption. At the same time, the time required for printing operations is also shortened. According to reports, the entire processing time was shortened by 7.5 % compared with polyamide 12. \”As the additive manufacturing industry grows at a high speed, we are glad to develop a material, which not only helps energy saving and sustainable production, but also easy to use in the printing process.\” Yvonne Van, the director of innovation strategic marketing of Yinglix Company, Yvonne Van Ven said. The PolySLS project is funded by the German Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWI) in order to develop and test a new styrene base polymer for selective laser sintering (SLS). The project focuses on researching energy and materials.