Energy conservation, emission reduction, regeneration energy: Songyuan Fire Resistant Cable vs Flame Retardant continuously increases internal sustainable development

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam


位于印度古吉拉特邦的潘诺里工厂是SONGWON 的特种化学品中心,节能和Energy efficiency has always been the most important issue here.
位于印度古吉拉特邦的潘诺里工厂是 SONGWON 的特种化学品中心,节能和能效一直是这里最重要的议题。
The Pannori Factory is the special chemical center of Songwon. Energy -saving and energy efficiency have always been the most important issue here.
] According to the introduction of \u0026 nbsp; boy \u0026 nbsp;, Songwon \u0026 Nbsp; also began to replace the natural gas steam boiler of the Pannori factory with the agricultural waste steam boiler. Once the replacement is completed, this means that the successful transformation from irresistible energy to renewable energy will bring considerable expected cost savings and make significant contributions to reducing harmful emissions.
INDUSTRIAL \u0026 Nbsp; Co., \u0026 Nbsp; LTD.) Recently reported some internal sustainable development work in energy conservation and energy efficiency, and emphasized the commitment to the environment throughout the organization.
Pannori Factory, located in Gujarat, India is a special chemical center of \u0026 nbsp; songwon \u0026 nbsp; energy saving and energy efficiency have always been the most important topic here. \”Factory teams have been committed to formulating effective operations, aiming to save energy in the fields of electricity and natural gas, greatly reduce emissions, and also help organize cost -saving costs.\” The person in charge of the operation department \u0026 nbsp; byungsoo \u0026 nbsp; boy \u0026 nbsp;
At the same time, Songwon \u0026 Nbsp; Advanced Manufacturing Factory in Ulshan, South Korea uses \u0026 nbsp; LED \u0026 NBSP; lamps to replace the gold halide lamps of the entire plant, and bring significant benefits. Because \u0026 nbsp; LED \u0026 NBSP; lamps are more energy -saving, the power consumption is only \u0026 nbsp; 10%of gold halogen lamps, and the service life is longer. As a result, the factory has successfully reduced energy consumption and total costs.
In addition, LED \u0026 Nbsp; less calories have less calories, which is safer to factory operators. Songwon \u0026 nbsp; indicates that this conversion will be reduced during the year that will be reduced \u0026 nbsp; 1,884 \u0026 nbsp; TCO2 \u0026 Nbsp; and saving \u0026 nbsp; 425 \u0026 nbsp; At the same time, the \u0026 nbsp; songwon \u0026 nbsp; Internetal \u0026 nbsp; Americas \u0026 nbsp; Inc. \u0026 nbsp; all have converted the office energy to renewable energy for renewable energy certificates that have been converted to renewable energy certificates. Electricity.
Songwon \u0026 nbsp; Chief Sustainable Development Officer \u0026 Nbsp; Olivier \u0026 Nbsp; Keiser \u0026 Nbsp; Commented: \”One of the foundations of our sustainable development strategy is to ensure that all commercial activities can be as much as possible in terms of environment and economy as much as possible. For sustainable development. On this basis, we continuously examine the internal organization, optimize the process, develop and use resources more effectively, and reduce the impact of the environment on the environment. These are just several examples of our recent successful projects. \”[ 123]