Electronic class Cable Extrude Machine Price epoxy plastic seals develop rapidly

Date:2022-7-19 Author:Sam

According to experts from the China Epoxy Resin Industry Association, epoxy plastic feeds are molded powder composed of epoxy resin and its curing agent phenolic resin. The medium -general semiconductor chip is buried in it and gives it a certain structural shape to become a semiconductor device for plastic packaging. It is a new product developed by foreign countries in the early 1970s. The use of plastic packaging methods to produce transistors, integrated circuits, large -scale integrated circuits, and large -scale integrated circuits have been widely used at home and abroad to become mainstream at home and abroad. According to statistics, at present, the annual output of epoxy plastic feeds in the world is more than 200,000 tons, of which Japan’s output ranks first in the world. Due to the low price of plastic packaging semiconductor devices, it is also suitable for large -scale automated production, and the reliability of plastic semiconductor devices has been greatly improved, and military system requirements can also be met in many less harsh environments. Therefore The products of plastic semiconductor devices are around 93 % to 95 % of the total market, while ceramic and metal packaging is rapidly decreasing. \u0026 nbsp;
As the use of plastic packaging methods to produce large -scale integrated circuits, large -scale integrated circuits, and large -scale integrated circuits have become the mainstream, which has driven the rapid growth of the plastic feed market. At present, more than 95 % of integrated circuit products in my country have adopted the form of plastic packaging. Among them, epoxy mold plastics are one of the difficult structural materials for integrated circuits. Its demand has been continuously growing and the product supply is in short supply. Data show that in 2005, the total demand for the plastic feed market in my country was about 45,000 tons, of which the large -scale and large -scale integrated circuit’s epoxy plastic feeds were expected to be about 15,000 tons of annual demand. \u0026 nbsp;
In the future, my country’s electronic information industry will also maintain a high -speed development trend. Under the trend of new and different markets, integrated circuits are in large scale, ultra -high speed, high density, high power, high accuracy, multi -functional multifunctional, multi -functional multifunctional, multi -functional multifunctional, multi -functional multifunctional, multi -functional multi -function The direction of the direction has developed rapidly, so the packaging of integrated circuits also puts forward increasingly higher requirements. my country’s epoxy resin plastic blocks will be high to high moisture, low stress, low α -rays, soaked welding and backwing welding, plastic seal process performance Good direction develop. Specifically, the most important thing for epoxy resin plastic materials is high moisture -resistant plastic packaging. Therefore, it is important to control the hydrolyzed chlorine content from the production process of epoxy resin, to purify the raw materials and minimize the water in the plastic seal. The latest way in recent years is to join ion capture agents and aluminum protective agents. In addition, it is also important to increase the purity of silicon microfin microfin in epoxy plastic seals. At present, in addition to reducing impurities ion content, the improvement of moisture resistance mainly relies on adding fillers that are applied to the surface, so that the distance of water penetration into the chip is extended as much as possible; adding the coupling agent can increase the adhesion of the plastic seal and the lead framework to prevent water from from coming out The interface of the plastic seal and the frame penetrates into the chip. \u0026 nbsp;
The second development requirement of my country’s epoxy resin plastic seals is ‘two low’: one is low stress, and the other is low α -rays. Painting welding and reflux welding are another development highlight. existDuring the surface installation process, the shell temperature is as high as 215-260 ° C. If the packaging product is in a hygroscopic state, it will cause the internal peeling or packaging of the packaging product to crack.At the above intensity and the adhesion of its chip and lead framework, researching the method of reducing the thermal expansion coefficient and elastic modulus of the plastic feed Xinchen Extrusion is to improve the soaked welding and reflux of epoxy plastic feed feed.The key to welding.The main methods are: increase the content of filler, reduce the hygroscopic and humidity of the resin itself, correctly select the curing promoter, introduce multi -energy -capable group epoxy resin with excellent heat resistance, and improve high temperature intensity.\”China Chemical News\” 2006.2.13 text/Wang Xiongwei \u0026 nbsp; \u0026 nbsp;