Eight chemical companies including BASF and China Chemical Enterprise were selected in 2020 \”CHINA PLASTIC Sheet Machine\” World Fortune 500

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam

Yesterday, the circle of friends was frantically dominated by the World Fortune 500 rankings in 2020. The operating income of the Fortune 500 companies on the list reached $ 33 trillion, a record high, close to the sum of GDP between China and the United States. The threshold for entering the rankings (minimum sales revenue) also increased from US $ 24.8 billion to 25.4 billion US dollars. There are 133 companies in China on the list and surpassed the United States for the first time (121). TIMG (1). Jpg Wal -Mart has 7 consecutive years of dominating the list of Wal -Mart with a operating income of US $ 523.964 billion. It has become the world’s largest company for the seventh consecutive year. Sinopec is still ranked second. Fourth, shell oil drops to fifth. Saudi Arabia’s profit is at most in terms of profitability, and Saudi Arabia still tops the list with a profit of $ 88.2 billion. Berkshire Hathaway followed closely, ranking second with $ 81.4 billion, and Apple retired third. 8 chemical companies are divided into industry categories. The 500 companies listed on the list are from 56 industries such as banks, vehicles and components, oil refining, mining, chemicals, including banks. At home, there are 8 companies on the list of chemicals. They are: QQ Picture 20200811150956.png. All were on the list, but \”Fortune\” put it into the refining and crude oil industry. The history of the Fortune 500 in Fortune began in 1955. That year, \”Fortune\” magazine ranked 500 industrial enterprises in the United States based on the total revenue of each company in 1954. For the first time on August 7, 1995, the first release of \”Fortune\” magazine also covered the Fortune 500 rankings of the Fortune 500 in industrial and service enterprises. This year is the 26th consecutive year of \”Fortune\” magazine. According to the data on this list, people can understand the latest development trend of the world’s largest enterprises. Through the comparison of different years and horizontal industries, people can understand both the rise and fall of the enterprise, or the company’s sales yields, net asset yields, and all -employed production efficiency changes. At the same time, research on the country or region can reveal the changes in the distribution of large enterprise groups.