Dry goods: Five major engineering plastic applications new access to PLASTIC PELLETIZER Exhibition

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), polyetaldehyde (
Nano nylonian microfana produced by TAULMAN3D. ), polycarbonate (
] Compared with general plastic or metal, engineering plastics have unique advantages and are one of the most innovative and charming materials today. Through continuous innovation Involved in various fields such as aerospace, automobiles, medical care, electronics, and architecture. Engineering plastics mainly include the following five general varieties: polyamide (
), polystyl ether (

ppo [ [ [ [ [ 123] ), polyester ( PBT/PET ), and some special engineering plastics, such as pmmaa , this article mainly introduces the technological, production and application progress of the five general engineering plastics at home and abroad. \u0026 nbsp; Polyamide: Gegang and soft \u0026 nbsp;

The three major directions are clear

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Polyamide (nylon) has both rigidity and softness. It is easy to process, high efficiency, and light proportion. It is widely used in the transportation industry such as cars. Each car consumes nylon products 3.6 ~ 4 [ 123] kilograms, the nylon of the car occupies about the total nylon consumption 1/3 . In addition, it is also widely used in the field of electronics, medical devices and precision instruments. As the biggest and most important variety in engineering plastics, nylon has been in the process of continuous emergence of new varieties and continuous development technology. The future development trend mainly has the following three directions:

] \u0026 nbsp; 1 ) High -strength and rigidity nylon, Among them, new enhanced materials are enhanced and carbon fiber enhancement

PA Variety is particularly important. The United States


The company’s development contains 40% carbon fiber ] PA66 Composite materials, which can replace metals and create missile engine parts. Japan Osaka Company’s carbon fiber /PA6 Composite materials used to make golf balls Ring, robotic arm, etc. However, in general, the processing and product production of carbon fiber composite materials need to be further improved. Carbon fiber length, carbon fiber surface treatment method, and carbon fiber addition, etc., have an important impact on the performance of nylon composite materials for reinforced nylon composite materials. \u0026 nbsp; 2 [123 ] ) The manufacturing and application of nan nylon, which is used for 3D

The printed nanomaline micro powder varieties are the research hotspots of the current market. Selective laser sintering

SLS is

3D The method of fast molding in the printing. Among them, nylon powder is a laser sintering material that has attracted much attention. With the United States 3D Systems The nan nylon micro powder produced by the company is the most representative. The laser sintering is directly formed as an arbitrary shape and structure. Moom, simple manufacturing process, fast speed, high accuracy, no support structure, high material utilization, in recent years, it has been quickly developed and applied. Hunan Huasha Gaoke is the most representative in China 3D Print ] High -tech enterprises that selective laser sintering equipment manufacturing and material development and processing. 2012 The company became the company after the United States Company, Germany EOS After the company, the world’s third company developed a selective laser sintering nylon equipment, which also successfully developed nylon materials for selective laser sintering. However, there is still a gap between the development of Chinese laser sintering nylon materials compared with foreign countries, which are mainly reflected in uneven material scale, narrow temperature of powder sintering windows. \u0026 nbsp; 3 [123 ] ) With the prominent environment and energy issues, biological citrones are gradually valued by the market, including nylon varieties that are derived from biomass energy and new green flame retardant nylon. Biocyanamide is mainly compared to petroleum polyamide, and its monomer comes from renewable biomass materials (such as cypress oil and glucose).

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Ratamide mainly includes pa11


, some biological basal polyamide Mainly PA610

, PA1012 , PA410 , etc. Rilasan PA11 , the affordable pressure is high -density polyethylene ] 1.5 times, so it can be used as a substitute for HDPE for natural gas transportation pipelines. 2009 In the year, Ronia also launched a castor oil group PA610 High -performance plastics, with excellent mechanical and thermal performance, can be used to make hose, oil pipes and joints. 2010 In the year, the new type of biological basis phenylmamide launched by German Winning Corporation can maintain long -acting mechanical properties in a high -humidity environment And size stability. 2011 In the year, DuPont’s biological base PA ZYTELRS 1010 ,,,,, Can replace PA11 and pa12 Prepare the fuel tube of the engine. 2012-2013 Nian Diman Company biological polyamide 410 The new product is applied to the latest diesel engine developed by Volkswagen Group, which has taken an important step on the sustainable development path of the automotive field. During the same period, MF Folien Company cooperated with Disman to use ecopaxx Manufacturing Different thickness films are suitable for soft packaging, construction, medical, aviation and shipping, etc. \u0026 nbsp; At present, the domestic biological base gathering Ranide mainly relies on imported or joint ventures. In recent years, Suzhou Hanpo Polymer Material Co., Ltd. has made great progress based on biological renewable resources to prepare high -performance polyamide. At the same timeKyatification, this provides good opportunities for the development of the biological polyamide industry in my country.

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Polycarbonate : Demand demand for infrastructure

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[ 123] Polycarbonate has high degree of transparency and free dyeing, tasteless and odorless. The glass assembly industry, automotive industry and electronics, and electrical industry are the three major applications of polycarbonate. Secondly, there are industrial machinery parts, discs, packaging, computers and other offices, medical and health care, film, leisure and protection equipment. It is expected that 2016

The global polycarbonate demand will reach 500 聚碳酸酯板材应用越来越广,上图分别为科思创聚碳酸酯板材在汽车、轨道交通车窗玻璃、农业大棚的应用。 10,000 tons Among them, the demand for Asian countries reaches the total demand


. \u0026 nbsp; From the perspective of demand trends, the demand for polycarbonate modified products with high performance and green environmental protection is very strong. At the same time, due to the bisphenol a , polycarbonate is applicable in food packaging, infant bottle and other special products, some medical supplies, etc. There is room for positive development. With the support of the 12th Five -Year Policy of the National Twelfth Five -Year Policy, these two years have been developed rapidly in China.

2015 At the end of the year It can reach 115

10,000 tons, but the current production is far from meeting the demand. With the active construction of large public construction facilities and highways in China, the plate materials of polycarbonate, especially high -strength, highly transparent, and high -ended plates, are the reuse of domestic polycarbonate. Polycarbonate has good transparency, and its demand for car window glass will also be further increased. \u0026 nbsp; accompanied by global polycarbonate application In the direction of high functionalization and professionalization, my country’s most rootWhat is to solve is the problem of production technology: need to introduce foreign sets of advanced technologies as soon as possible ( Non -light melting method


, strive to shorten the gap with advanced levels from abroad in a short period of time; more importantly, to carry out innovative technologies such as carbonate and polycarbonate of carbonate and polycarbonate at a high starting point Research. The solution of production technology and capacity can fundamentally promote the development of my country’s own polycarbonate industry.

Poems formaldehyde: Looking forward to domestic modification varieties \u0026 nbsp; The excellent chemical and physical properties of polydehyde formaldehyde can be almost comparable to steel, also known as \” Sai Steel \”,\” Getting Steel \”,\” Super Steel \”, etc., the main purpose is to replace some markets occupied by metals, which are used to create various sliding and rotating mechanical parts. Light industry, automobiles, building materials, agriculture and other fields are widely used. The US aggregate formaldehyde is mainly based on the consumption of industrial machinery and automotive industry, and Europe is the main application area of \u200b\u200bthe automotive industry. The second is electronic appliances, industrial machinery, daily necessities, etc. In China, electronics are the main consumer fields of polydeons.


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] 21 The establishment of a large number of formaldehyde production devices in my country has enabled the capacity of polyetaldehyde production to rise rapidly. The prospect is not optimistic. However, as an engineering plastics with excellent performance, polymerization is a strategic product for my country. my country’s energy structure is mainly coal, and POM

The raw methanol is one of the coal chemical products that can be industrialized in China at present. Therefore From the perspective of the energy structure, the development of formaldehyde is of great significance.

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From the market, from the perspective of the market, from the perspective of the market, from the perspective of the market, from the perspective of the market, from the perspective From the perspective of the production and application of actual materials, there are still several problems in China in my country that need to be solved: 1 ) The production technology and production equipment are backward, the products lack competitiveness, and most of the formaldehyde products are low -end products. Domestic enterprises need to continuously absorb and digest advanced foreign technologies, while continuous development and innovation, strive to develop advanced processes with independent intellectual property rights, strive to improve product quality, reduce production costs, and enhance product market competitiveness. 2

) Actively carry out the research of polyetaldehyde modified varieties.

2014 Soranis launched a multi -purpose, no migration, no noise reduction and common formaldehyde

HostaForm Slidex POM

This product has a low wear rate and friction coefficient, which can reduce the driving force and eliminate noise in industrial production and transportation. In the same year, the United States RTP The company launched a composite formaldehyde composite material for friction and wear APWS Plus ] , using polymer alloys as a lubricant, excluding polytetrafluoroethylene and halogen, conforming to ROHS instruction requirements, while improving zero zero The component’s abrasion and friction resistance during the movement and sliding process extend the cycle of the product’s usage. \u0026 nbsp; Foreign companies have put market goals one after another It turned to the high -end marketdehyde high -end market, while domestic modified polyetaldehyde products are general models. In the future, formaldehyde modification products will develop towards rigidity and modification, friction and wear performance modification, and stability modification. \u0026 nbsp; : High performance, series

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Polyzhenylene has excellent comprehensive performance. The biggest feature is that under long -term load, it has excellent size stability and prominent electrical insulation. The main disadvantages are poor melting liquidity and difficulty in processing. Therefore, the actual application is large. Part is a co -mixture or alloy of polystyre] PPO/PA/

Elastic body and PPO/PBT/

Elastic body alloy, etc. Among them, the modification of the United States and Japan

PPO Products occupy an absolute advantage in market competition.

\u0026 nbsp;

] PPO From the perspective of its own production, the world’s pure ppo The production of resin is mainly concentrated in Shabie Basic Innovation Plastic, Japanese Asahi, Japan Mitsubishi gas chemistry, and Chinese blue star chemical new materials, the average solution shrinking method of phase solution shrinking method adopted by the top three companies, and the sedimentation method used by Blue Star. \u0026 nbsp; Generally speaking Polyzhenylene ether resin products obtained by the phase solution retractable method are high and have good purity, which is more competitive than the sedimentation reducing method. However, from the perspective of the development trend of production technology, a magnetic load metal ion

The whole water medium method of polymer as a catalyst needs to become a new one. Industrial production technology.

\u0026 nbsp; From the actual application, Modified polystylene ether, especially polyzhenylene ether alloys, is a variety with a large amount in engineering plastics, while maintaining a rapid growth trend. PPO There are many types of modified products. According to use, it can Special materials and so on. Original United States GE

The company developed ppo/pps The alloy can bear [123 ]


above the high temperature, which can meet the heat -resistant requirements of the surface packaging technology of electronic equipment. 2011 In the year, Japan Asaka Shengsheng launched


Modification of flame retardant performance PPO

Fake beads, light quality, good thermal insulation, and halogen -free environmental protection.

\u0026 nbsp; The development of the development of China Blue Star Group is carried out. In recent years, it has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Beijing Plastics New Material Technology Co., Ltd., which aims to jointly promote the industrialization of domestic modified polystyl ether. For example, in PPO/HIPS Add elastic body or ] SEBS-MMA to enhance the impact resistance of the alloy and improve its toughness; ], Trigemin /mg (oh) 2 composite flame retardant, Malanic anhydride closure, [ [ [ [ [ 123] pp ,

Sebs , antioxidants are the main components, preparing halogen -free flame retardant [ [ 123] PPO

The cable material, not only good flexibility, halogen -free high flame retardant, but also has good reflection. \u0026 nbsp; In summary, my country’s reform Sex PPO There is still a significant gap in quality, output and variety compared with foreign countries. With the rapid development of my country’s automotive industry, electronics industry, home appliances and other industries, the existing modification PPO There is still a large gap in the product, which cannot meet the domestic market Demand also needs to be modified PPO Common technology, ppo alloy Research and development of compatibility between components and processing molding technology, promote modification PPO In the direction of high performance and series. \u0026 nbsp;

Thermoplastic polyester: The rapid development of biodegradable type [ 123]

\u0026 nbsp; pbt PET The thermoplastic polyester represented High, electrical insulation, good thermal insulation, and good processing of processing and molding. PET It is mainly used in plastic bottles, plastic film, food packaging and other fields. pbt Due to the good size stability, rigidity, toughness, good insulation, and thermal stability are mainly used in automotive, electronic appliances, and electronic appliances,, electronic appliances, and electronics, electronic appliances, and electronic appliances,, electronic appliances, electronics, electronic appliances, and electronic appliances, and electronic appliances, electronic appliances, and electronic appliances, and electronics, electronic appliances, and electronic appliances. Consumer durability products and other fields. It is estimated that 2016

Year of the world pbt The demand will reach


100 10,000 tons.

\u0026 nbsp; 福特在福克斯电动车中采用再生PET材料制造汽车内饰面料。

Ford in Fox electric car Use regeneration

PET Material manufacturing car interior fabrics, promoting the recycling of materials. Japanese resin supplier Zhonghua ( kaneka ) The company launched the first glass fiber enhancement with non -halogen flame retardant ] PET Resin. New product resin can be used in the high temperature environment of the ambient temperature as high as high 150 ℃. 10,000 hours, excellent performance. \u0026 nbsp; basf ] The company launched a laser welding that helps save fuel pbt

\u0026 nbsp;

Resin, which has high transparency, which is highly transparent Sex, new products have already been in the market PBT

Resin comparison, it also has faster welding speed. \u0026 nbsp; China Blue Star Group was launched. A low volatility pbt Basic resin, not only maintained Project project Plastically excellent physical and mechanical performance and appearance quality, at the same time, the content of organic can volatilizes is low and excellent thermal stability. ] There are more strict requirements, such as car interior. \u0026 nbsp;

Future thermoplastic polyester market The demand will also maintain growth. On the basis of ensuring the production and development of universal modified polyester products, thermoplastic polyester elastic body is a new variety that has received recently. It is mainly introduced in the molecular chain structure of pbt

. The elasticity and thermoplastic plastic of the rubber are easy to processed, the hardness is adjustable, and the design is free.

\u0026 nbsp; Bio -degradable polyester material It is a new variety that has developed rapidly in recent years. In a few years, the output of bio -degraded polyester materials worldwide has exceeded In 10

, it may break through

100 10,000 tons


Dama. \u0026 nbsp; In summary, with the development of society and economy, the demand for new high -performance materials has continued to increase, and opportunities and challenges coexist.Regardless of the development of materials, it will definitely make great progress on the basis of the following aspects: raw materials, industrial chain development, production capacity and market demand, product structure adjustment and independent technological innovation.