Doctoral research PP spunbond non Woven Fabric issued 100%sterilization biological plastic

Date:2022-7-19 Author:Sam

123] The bactericidal rate.
100%sterilized antibacterial bioplasses can be used for food packaging. (Picture source: Baidu) xinchen extruion \u0026 nbsp; Jones
Recently, a doctoral student who mainly studies biological plastic antibacteriality
100%杀菌的抗菌生物塑料可用於食品包裝。(图源:百度) ]
, a new formula of antibacterial bioplastics has been developed, which is expected to reach

A latest study of family and consumers science shows that bioplastics prepared using protein (such as protein and milk) have significant antibacterial properties. This bioplastics can be used for medical treatment, such as sutures, drugs, transportation catheters and healing Puts, etc. can also be used for food packaging. \u0026 nbsp;

The researchers tested [123 ] 3 The non -traditional bioplastics materials used to replace conventional plastic

protein , Wrathm and soy protein, found the risk of reducing pollution. For example, when the protein (protein in egg white) is mixed with traditional plasticizers, a strong antibacteriality can be displayed.

\” Experiment found that there will be no bacteria on this plasticlong. \”Alex \u0026 nbsp; Jones

Say. \” Survival. \” ] One of the goals of the researchers is to make every effort to reduce the amount of petroleum dosage of traditional plastic products. Another goal is to find a completely degradable bioplastics. Standard. \u0026 nbsp; \”

If you put it in a garbage landfill, this pure protein will decompose. If you bury it in the soil, these plastics will disappear in one to two months.

\” He said,


This study will follow in depth to analyze this kind The application potential of biological plastics based on protein -based biological plastics in the field of biomedical and food packaging can kill bacteria or prevent it from spreading, reaching 100%

Antibacterial effect.