DMC CABLE Color Strip Machine

Date:2022-7-19 Author:Sam

Beijing Borixin Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., which was inventing by DMC patent, will become the first papermaking company listed in the New York securities market in the domestic paper industry. This is a news released by dozens of domestic media at the DMC Global Paper Forum and Circular Economic Symposium held in Beijing on October 31 on October 31. At the same time, the United States Warner Group also officially signed a listing agreement with Beijing Boli Corporation. After the agreement takes effect, the US Warner Group will invest $ 850,000 for DMC concept stocks to complete all listing procedures. \u0026 nbsp;
According to Mr. Cheng Xiangwu, president of DMC Global Paper, the DMC cleaning slurry method is a high -tech pulp developed by his unique thinking method and novel design ideas after 6 years of research experiments spinning Machine process, this process enables the processes in the process of plant fiber slurry, which achieves clean production, realized water use without drainage, no waste water pollution, thereby completely solving the problem of environmental pollution in the production of pulp. It has changed the alkali cooking process for traditional pulp, and it is not necessary to achieve three: that is, there is no need to worry about raw materials (raw materials are not selective, and various crop straws can be used as raw materials), no alkali, no high temperature and high pressure; No cooking equipment, alkaline -free recycling equipment, discharge of pollutant -free, and no secondary pollution, and the entire production process achieves clean production. Compared with traditional technology, DMC cleansing slurry method has the characteristics of \”three highs\” and \”three lows\”. The so -called \”three highs\”: that is, the quality of the product is high, the slurry rate is high, and the return on investment is high; the so -called \”three lows\”: that is, the construction investment is low, the operating cost is low, and the energy consumption is low. The flocculant technology in DMC patent technology can also be widely used to industrial sewage treatment. Not only the water quality can meet the national first -level emission standards, but also small investment and low processing costs. The problem of pollution, ending the history of Chinese grass slurry paper \”white paper and black water\”, so that the 7,000 small paper factories that are closed, stopped, merged, and transferred to live up to life, so that the paper industry will face a new development prospect. This technology obtained a national patent in July 2005 and registered an international patent in 25 major papermaking countries including the United States and Canada. \u0026 nbsp;

Hu Zongyuan and other paper industry experts who have served as the director of papermaking of the Ministry of Light Industry believe that DMC is a major breakthrough in papermaking and pulp and wastewater treatment. In his speech, he said: DMC cleaning slurry method not only solves the problem of sewage treatment that has long been troubled by the development of my country’s paper industry, but also saves water and energy, and increases the reuse value of the remaining straw of agricultural plants. Society and development of circular economy models.