Discuss a variety of injection molding machines Cable Strip Machine

Date:2022-7-19 Author:Sam

The co-(lock) mold mechanism is the most important mechanical parts of the injection molding machine. There are many forms of (lock) molding mechanisms of the injection molding machine. The commonly used generally can be divided into three types: full hydraulic, hydraulic-mechanical, electronic mechanical type, electronic mechanical type Each type of (lock) agency can be divided into multiple forms. Looking back at history, in the 1980s, each of them rushed first, and there were many forms of domestic injection molding machines (locks). There were two major categories: full -hydraulic and elbow -shaped mechanical types. Represented by the Liuzhou Plastic Machinery Factory of Guangxi, the elbow rod mechanical combination (lock) mold mechanism is represented by the Shanghai No. 1 Plastic Machinery Factory and the Shanghai Plastic Machinery Factory. After more than ten years, the domestic injection molding machine is ) Moom institutions are mainly based on the pink elbow pole (lock) molding agency. Other forms of (lock) molding institutions have only a small amount of production. Inner flip elbow poles (locks) modulus institutions, in the early 1980s, mainly increased the expansion ratio, the expansion ratio was about 25, the schedule was about O.9, and the 90th century. After the age, it is mainly to increase the itinerary ratio. The itinerary ratio is about 1.35 and the expansion ratio is 16 to 20.

From the above situation, the inner push -up elbow pole (lock) molding mechanism has been in a very mature technology in my country’s injection molding machine industry. At the same time, we also see a phenomenon worth thinking about. The form of the internal elbow pole (lock) modulus of some manufacturers in the region to the part of the parts PIPE EXTRUSION LINE type, technical parameters, etc., from one aspect, it shows that a considerable number of manufacturers of manufacturers have turned inside the internal flip reversal The principles and design of the elbow rod combined (lock) module institutions do not understand. In addition, there is a problem worthy of our thinking. The form of the module mechanism in the (lock) mechanism is reduced. In the process of long -term development, each type of (lock) agency has continuously improved, continuously improved, has its own advantages, has its own specific purpose, and cannot be replaced by various (locks) agencies. Types (locks) molding institutions should also be studied and developed, especially for strong enterprises, and should also invest in research and development of other types of combined (lock) modulus institutions to contribute to my country’s injection molding machine industry. What kind of molding agencies need to study and develop and make some suggestions below for reference.