Data Express: U.S. PVC BOARD Specifications in the third quarter of plastic machines dropped by 0.5%

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam

billion US dollars. Following the increase in the second quarter 8.2%
In the third quarter of North America (injection molding and extrusion) Slightly decreased in shipments. The freight value of the plastic machine company included in the report was initially estimated to be 2937
Close 13.9%
第三季度北美主要塑料机械(注塑和挤出)的出货量略有下降。 North America in North America in the third quarter of the third quarter The main plastic machinery (injection and extrusion) shipments have decreased slightly.
CES ) The main plastic machinery (injection and extrusion) shipments have decreased slightly.
123] According to the report of the Equipment Statistics Committee (
Plastics Industry Association
) (
Dual screw extruder increased in the trend
[ 123]
, in the third quarter

0.5% . While the total shipments decreased, the shipments of the squeezing machine in the third quarter increased, and the shipments of single screw and double screw extruders increased respectively 5.3% and and ] 13.9%

. Injecting shipments decreased 1.9% . Although the shipment seemed to be flat from the previous quarter, it decreased from the same period last year

15.9% . Double screw extruder shipments decreased 29.3% , the shipment of single screw extruder dropped 5.6% . The shipment of injection molding machines decreased compared to the third quarter of last year 15.5% . \”The plastic industry is a mature industry, and its growth is closely related to the GDP ( GDP ). Dr. Perke Perneida ( Perc Pineda, PHD ) said.

He pointed out that \”Data transposition in the third quarter was weakened with the weakening of manufacturing activities in the economy this year. In the\” Plastic Quarterly Report \”, we in the second and third quarters [123 ] GDP The forecast of growth is 2.0% and 1.9% , which is indeed the same. In the case of economic stagnation, the amount of mechanical shipments is weakened with manufacturing activities. \” 63%

interview The person is expected to be in the future 12 The market will improve the month

CES It also conducted a quarterly investigation of plastic machinery suppliers to inquire about the current market conditions and expectations for future. In the next quarter, 39% The expected situation will improve or maintain stability, while last quarter 56%[56%[56%[56%[ 123] The respondents of held the same point of view. As for the future 12 a month,


It is expectedIn development, the interviewees who held the same view in the previous quarter were 53% . The export amount of Mei Pulfu to China decreased from the previous month 27.6%

The current current The international trade environment continues to affect plastic machinery trade. In the third quarter, the total amount of plastic machinery exports was

3.784 billion US dollars, a decrease in the second quarter 0.1% . Mexico, Canada and Germany are still the largest export market in the United States. In the third quarter, the total exports of these countries accounted for the total US plastic machinery exports 48% . China has become the fourth largest market for the export of plastic machines in the United States. The total export of plastic machinery is 2220 Decrease 27.6% .

Despite the continued controversy of Brexit in the UK, Britain is still one of the top ten export markets in the third quarter of the United States. In terms of imports, in the third quarter, the import amount of plastic machinery in the United States fell


to 7.857 [123 ] billion dollars. The decline in exports and imports led to the decline in the US plastic machinery trade deficit in the third quarter 1.7% . Economic weakness and trade disputes troubled the plastic machine industry

\”The challenges faced by the commercial departments in today’s economy And worry, the plastic machine industry is no exception. This is mainly caused by external factors -weak global economic growth and continuous trade disputes, and the United States is an open economy. These external factors continue to the US economy to the US economy It has caused a certain impact. It can be said that the current trade dispute is difficult to solve properly during this year.

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