Continuously expand investment, Nordic K Northern Europe Nonwoven Textile Making Machine, 2018, realized net profit of 906 million euros

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123] 2017 The net profit of the year
9.06 100 million euros, and
\”2018 is another year of Nordic chemical finance. With the slowdown of the global economy and the increase in geopolitical risks, we expect that the market environment in 2019 will not be so beneficial. As we focus on customers, we will be prepared for the future through innovation and circulation. \” Alfred Stern, CEO of Chemical Industry. ) Release 2018
Recently, the Nordic Chemical Corporation ( Borealis
“2018年又是北欧化工财务表现强劲的一年。随着全球经济的放缓和地缘政治风险的增加,我们预计2019年的市场环境将不那么有利。随着我们专注于客户,通过创新和循环创造价值,北欧化工为未来做好了准备。” 北欧化工首席执行官阿尔弗雷德·斯特恩(Alfred Stern)说。
Annual financial report. Data show that the net profit of the Nordic chemical industry is

Compared with 100 million euros, it decreased slightly. Nordic chemicals said that the company’s comprehensive profit of polyolefins and the profit of the subsidiary Bolu still increased, but due to weak development of fertilizer business, the profits of basic chemicals decreased year -on -year. Bo Lu continued to expand production Bo Lu Company was established by Nordic Chemical and Abu Dhabi National Petroleum Company Joint venture. At present, Bo Lu has begun to start in Lugus, UAE ( Ruwais In the third factory of Bo Lu 5 [ 123] Polyetric production device is put into operation. This can increase the annual output of Bolu’s polypropylene

25% , which can reach

224 10,000 tons, which is conducive to the development of the local economy.

In addition, Bo Lu’s pps The production of production devices has increased its production output of its all -polymer 11% , 500 10,000 tons. PPS is a key device for Bolu to meet the growing polymer needs of customers around the world. With the growth of household packaging, light, solid, durable and transparent food container and film can be used for multiple use and recycling.

Relying on the patented technology of Nordic chemical industry borstar \u0026 reg; , Bo Lu’s pp5 [ 123] The production device will become the No. 1 10 borstar .

Nordic chemical industry continues to expand investment 2018 6 month, after the Nordic chemical industry completed its front -end engineering design (Feed) ] The new world -class propionide dehydrogenation ( PDH ) The area invests in to enhance the support for European customers.

The factory plan 2022

In the first half of the year, the target production capacity is every year

75 10,000 tons will become the world’s leading large and high -efficiency factories. Kallo The site’s site selection benefits from the superior logistics location of the area, in acrylic production, material treatment, and existing pdh PDH ] The coordination of the device has an advantage. Nordic Chemical also conducts expansion investment in the polypropylene factory in the region of kallo

to increase its production capacity

8 10,000 tons, it is expected that new production capacity will be put into use in the middle of the year 2020 .

Nordic Chemical also approved the front -end engineering design plan for its Belgian polypropylene factory,

It is expected to reach the end of the year 25 10,000 tons -30


10,000 tons of expansion investment. Nordic Chemical, Daedal ( Total ) and nova Chemicals The company has announced that it has been announced Petrochemical joint ventures are established along the United States Gulf coast.

This joint venture name is Bayport Polymers LLC (registered trademark is BayStar \u0026#8482;), by Daedal’s shares 50% , Nordic Chemical and Nova Chemicals 123] Novealis Holdings LLC

Company holding shares

50% . BayStar \u0026#8482; The company includes a construction, production capacity


[ 123]/ Ethylene steam cracking furnace in the year, which is located in the Port area of \u200b\u200bArthur, Texas. \u0026 nbsp; At the same time, it also includes the original Daedal, located in the Bett area ( bayport, ) , The production capacity is 40 Polyethylene device with a 10,000 -ton polyethylene. 2018 Year 9

month, BayStar \u0026# 8482; The company announced that a production capacity in its Bett area is 62.5 10,000 tons borstar Polyethylene production device. This new device will be installed in the year 2021 The capacity of the device doubles to 100 10,000 tons / in order to provide customers in North America with

borstar [borstar [ 123] Brand polyethylene. Focusing on plastic recycling and circular economy Nordic chemical acquisition of Austrian plastic recycling company [123 ] Ecoplast KunstStoffrecyCling Gmbh . Ecoplast Located in Wilton, Austria, it is processed every year for family and industrial consumption. Plastic waste makes it a high -quality low -density polyethylene and high -density polyethylene. These polyethylene products can be recycled and are mainly used but are not limited to the plastic film market.

Nordic Chemical also launched its new communication platform Everminds \u0026#8482; Brands, aiming to improve the visibility of plastic cycle and promote cycle thinking mode in the polyolefin industry. Everminds The platform will enable Nordic chemical industry to take specific actions with its value chain partners and customers to promote the principle of circular economic principles in the industry. It promoted Borealis

and its partners in -depth cooperation, according to the cycle of reduction, reuse, recycling, and cycle design design Principles, develop innovative and sustainable polyolefin solutions.


It is expected ] The year will be another good year

\”123] [] 123] 2018 The year of Nordic chemical industry is a strong year. With the slowdown of the global economy and the increase of geopolitical risks, we expect 2019

The market environment of the year will not be so good. But we focus on customers, create value through innovation and cycle, and prepare for the future of Nordic chemicals. \” \u0026 nbsp; Alfred Stern, chief executive of Nordic chemical engineering (

Alfred Stern ).

He is convinced that the special management team of chemical fertilizer and melamine business will quickly achieve significant improvement.\” We expect 2019

The year will be another good year

.\” Alfred Stan added.