Continue to innovate Taolang three times to win the business community China Plastic Sheet Machine Oscar Award -the European Business Award

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam


After winning the \”European Business Award\” twice in 2015 and 2018 This year’s third time this award, the category of this award is the \”Innovation Award\”. [ [ 123]
Close After winning the \”European Business Award\” twice in 2015 and 2018, this award was won for the third time this year. The category of this award is the \”Innovation Award.\”
陶朗集团继2015年和2018年两度荣获“欧洲商业大奖”之后, 今年第三度摘取这一奖项, 本次获奖类别为”创新奖”。
In the European business community, there is a heavyweight award known as the Oscar -\”European Business Award\”. The European Business Awards aims to commend and promote the outstanding, best practitioners and innovators of the European business community. This year is the 12th year of the award. This year, 150,000 companies from 33 countries registered the \”2018-2019 European Business Award\”. After the preliminary trial, 2750 companies were shortlisted for candidates. After further observation and assessment of the independent jury, 360 companies became the \”national award\” winner and entered the final round of review.
After winning the \”European Business Award\” twice in 2015 and 2018, \u0026 nbsp; the third time this year won this award, \u0026 nbsp; this award category is the \”Innovation Award\”.
The judge of the competition believes that Tao Lang’s technological innovation, cultivation and development capabilities have been widely recognized in the industry. Their innovation spirit has promoted the sustainable development of the company’s business and will be related to the enterprise itself, customers, and various interests. Fang brings long -term benefits.
European BusinessMr. Adrian \u0026 nbsp; Mr. TripP, congratulations to Tao Lang’s award: \”Sending heavyweight awards in this European business many times, indicating that Taolang Group’s comprehensive performance in all aspects of business operations is excellent and is a model of European business. Tao Lang’s achievements have strongly proved that innovation can help companies meet the challenges of fierce competition in the global market and be conducive to the sustainable development of the entire society. Taolang won a prize, and I wish Tao Lang developed smoothly in the future. \”
123] The President and CEO of Taolang Group, Mr. Stefan \u0026 Nbsp; Ranstrand said, \”Innovation is the soul of Taolang, an important part of our corporate culture, and the values \u200b\u200bwe attach the most. We know the current human society. Development is facing a series of severe challenges. Therefore, we strive to promote technological innovation to cope with these challenges, such as solving plastic pollution problems, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and ensuring food safety supply. At the forefront of technological development, Tao Lang also increased investment in these aspects, maintaining our leading position, and creating greater value for our customers. \”