Claus Mafi launched an industrial 4.0 solution with Compounding Twin Screw Extruder

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam

In order to meet the growing data collection and analysis needs, KraussMaffei \u0026 NBSP; Bersstorff has developed two new systems , Now it can be used as a choice for Ze \u0026 nbsp; bluePower extrusion machine.
] 2 [123 ] Advanced data collection The processing and analysis system can significantly simplify the daily production process of common mixed enterprises and provide value -based depth information for technical optimization.
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Ze BluePower Dual screw extruder series has the characteristics of high energy efficiency, high safety operation performance, simple operation and low maintenance costs.
ZE BluePower双螺杆挤出机系列具有高能效、高安全操作性能、简易操作及低维护成本等特点。
Therefore, the headquarters
KraussMaffei \u0026 nbsp; Bersstorff; GMBH creates two highly innovative solutions for the new generation Ze \u0026 Nbsp; BluePower. This perfectly combines advanced coexistence equipment with Industry 4.0 technology.
Process process data collection always provides comprehensive control

The first new system aims to simultaneously collect all production data of the common mixed production line. It consists of perfect coordinated hardware and software components, which is used to collect, record, evaluate, and further process all process processes and measurement values.
The data analysis is optimized by the process process, especially in terms of process modification or set quality improvement.

Based on its modular design and easy configuration characteristics,
This system can be applicable to a series of different applications, scalable dimensions, and operations suitable for independent interfaces. All interfaces can be integrated into a system to collect and monitor the production process data.

The pressure, temperature, speed, and volume flow value of all upstream and downstream components \u0026 nbsp;, such as metering system, melt filter, melt pump and granular system, and the parameters of the extruder In a system.
Color measurement can maintain a stable melt mass

The second development plan used for online production process monitoring is to detect any measurement errors in real time to reduce The production of waste materials and improve the efficiency of production lines.

The online measurement system is based on color measurement: the light is reflected after the light is projected into the melt, and then the test is detected by a high -resolution glass fiber sensor.

After comparing the previously defined settings, it can immediately identify and prompt any deviation in brightness or color.
There is no doubt that the color measurement system can be integrated into the entire production line control system.

High -profile hybrid extractor
ze \u0026 nbsp; bluePower dual screw extruder series series with high energy efficiency, high -safety operation performance, simple operation and simple operation and simple operation and simple operation and simple operation and simple operation and simple operation and simple operation and easy operation Low maintenance costs and other characteristics. It perfectly meets the increasing demand for flexibility and cost efficiency in common mixing processors.

Based on its unique coordinated role between 1.65 \u0026 nbsp; OD \u0026 Nbsp;/\u0026 Nbsp; ID diameter ratio to up to 16 \u0026 nbsp; nm, the preparation of volume and throughput can be completed on the same machine.

Ze \u0026 Nbsp; BluePower’s special highlights are the inner band of the oval cylinder, the improved side feeder and the air -off equipment, and the energy management tools available. \u0026 nbsp;

4D and 6D warbers can be combined with various modular screw components to create customized mechanical configurations for various applications. This is currently unique in the market.