China’s economic growth slowd down \”13th Five -Year Plastic industry\” to promote high -end Filament Machine

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The year is China
Qian Guijing, vice chairman of the China Light Industry Federation 123]
中国轻工业联合会副会长钱桂敬 ]
12th Five
The planning ended In the year, from

\” 125 \” In terms of planning and implementation, the goals, indicators, indicators, indicators, and Mission, work, etc. can basically be achieved smoothly. The plastic processing industry has maintained smooth development, the structural adjustment has made positive progress, the quality and efficiency of development have been continuously improved, the innovation system has gradually established and improved, technological progress has been significantly accelerated, the level of equipment autonomy has steadily improved, and energy -saving and emission reduction have achieved positive results. \u0026 nbsp; \”123]\” 123] ] 13th Five -Year Plan \” In the period, it is necessary to focus on accelerating the transformation and upgrading of the plastic processing industry, with the core of improving the capacity of the plastic processing industry, with new materials and new technologies Focus on new equipment and new products, vigorously implement the strategy of catching up, strive to reduce the gap with developed countries, vigorously implement a high -end strategy, and comprehensively improve the quality of the industry. Accelerate the improvement of the construction of an innovation system, vigorously promote the deep integration of the twoizations, and strive to achieve new breakthroughs in intelligent manufacturing, digital manufacturing, and network manufacturing.

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The downburn pressure is still still still Larger

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In recent years, although the plastic industry has achieved good and healthy development, the industry The environment and situation are still very severe. While seeing the results, you should calmly analyze the problems.

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The growth rate continues to slow down.

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The plastic processing industry passed [123 ] \” 11 \”


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12th Five

\” The growth rate continued to slow down. 2011 The annual product output growth is 22.35% ; 2012 The annual decline was decrease 8.99% ; 8.02% ; ] 2014 The annual growth rate is 7.44% , according to 2015 The year of the year increase, It is estimated that \” 12th Five \” 10% , Compared \” 11 \” The average annual growth rate decreased by about 10 Pin Percent points indicate that the plastic processing industry is entering the new normal of low -speed growth. 123]

The second is the decline in benefitsThe difficulty of business operations has increased.

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The current cost of production factors of enterprises continues to continue Increase, the resources and environment and energy constraints have been comprehensively enhanced, and corporate profit margins have been greatly compressed. The increase in profit increase in the industry has declined year by year, and has been 32 Non Woven SPUNDBOND MACHINE


.5% Fall to 2014

In the year 4.24% . At the same time 2014 The annual business income profit margin is 5.8% . Basically, the interest rate of loans in the same period as the bank is far lower than the actual loan interest rate of the enterprise, which not only causes poor corporate benefits, but also makes the problem of difficulty in loans and expensive loans. \u0026 nbsp; Excessive sexual capacity has not been effectively relieved.

\u0026 nbsp; Structural, phased production capacity Excess is a concentrated embodiment of unreasonable product structure in the plastic processing industry, and it is a major obstacle to achieve health and sustainable development. At present, the problem of overcapacity of low -end capacity has not been effectively resolved, and the phased excess capacity caused by regional market demand, and blindly introduced by blind introduction has not yet been effectively resolved, and high -end products still need to be imported in large quantities. The two -way stretching industry in ordinary packaging membrane production capacity has not been resolved. In the case, the production capacity of lithium -ion battery diaphragm is expected to reach


in the year 23

100 million square meters, which greatly exceeds global demand, and then Formed an overcapacity, and the proportion of high -end diaphragm imports reached

90% , the entire septum import rate reached 70%


\u0026 nbsp; Therefore, deepen reform, speed up, speed up Turning methods, regulating structures, relying on technological progress and technological innovation, vigorously cultivate new economic growth points and cultivate new competitive advantages is the plastic processing industryImportant tasks into the new stage of development. \u0026 nbsp;

\”123 ] 13th Five

Tour to the middle and high -end

] \u0026 nbsp; from [ 123] 2014 Starting from the year, the China Plastic Products Association launched

\” 13th Five Planning and preparation work On the basis of fully absorbing the opinions of many entrepreneurs, experts, and special committees, submitted it to the fifth council of the sixth session \”

\” The first draft of the planning framework. \u0026 nbsp; \” [123 ] 13th Five -Year Plan \” is the key period for China to complete the final sprint of a well -off society in China. The new round of scientific and technological revolution, the tide of industrial changes, and the accelerated historical intercourse nodes formed by the formation of development methods in China are a period of tackling the reform and opening up, turning methods, and structure. It is an important period when the plastic processing industry has changed from great to strong. In this context, \”

13th Five

The most basic requirement for the plastic processing industry should be to fully meet the well -off well. Social needs must be adapted to the development level of high -income countries. The most fundamental and basic task is to comprehensively promote the plastic processing industry to the high -end industry and accelerate the industrial upgrade under the new normal of entering the medium speed growth.

\u0026 nbsp; About ] \” 13th Five \” Speed, planning framework proposed products at \” 13th Five

\” Period increase is 7%~ 8% . At present, you still need to listen carefully to everyone’s opinions to make it more scientific and guiding. The plastic processing industry has a long time and potential of rapid development as an emerging industry, large demand, large development space. The second is that plastic pipes and different profiles are currently developing the normal development track. At the same time,

123] \”

Lightweight \” \” heavy Change \” Light The trend accelerates, so the increase in quantitative increase will increase the quality of the quality, and the speed is more rational rational. . \”123] [ 123] 13th Five -Year Plan \” The focus of the development of the plastic industry and the direction of the product are as follows: First, focus on the development of multifunctional, high -performance materials and assistants. The plastic processing industry should focus on the new materials Development and application. Strictly implement the \”Food Safety Law\” to strengthen the production and quality control of food -grade resin ingredients. Accelerate the special materials of high -end polyolefin pipelines, multi -specifications of scroll -shaped special materials, ] Development and production of printed plastic consumables, medical plastics, biological plastic packaging materials and other special materials. Accelerate the development and application of multi -functional alloy materials such as conductivity, heat conduction, temperature -resistant, antibacterial, mildew, high toughness, super strong, flame retardant and other multi -functional alloy materials . Accelerate the production and application of special engineering plastics and high -performance modified materials such as Fang Miscellaneous Ring polymers and high -performance composite materials. Production and application of doses. \u0026 nbsp;

] The second is to closely focus on high -end to accelerate the occupation rate of mid -to -high -end products.

To strengthen the strengthening to strengthen Selective porous film development strives to make breakthroughs in micro filter membranes, ultrafiltration, nanofractive membranes, reverse osmosis membranes and other membrane materials and group membranes. Focus on the development of biological -based plastic vehicle components, biological -based plastic packaging products, high -performance polyvinyl chloride building templates, large -caliber high -strength polyolefins drainage, sewage pipelines. Further promotion of the production and production of ecological synthesis and such as water -based polyurethane, solvents without solventsapplication. Strengthen waste plastic, especially the modification and high value -added application of car engineering plastics. The third is to accelerate the research and development of plastic equipment. Accelerate the intelligent and digital transformation of plastic equipment, vigorously develop processing equipment with small, ultra -high -precision, ultra -high -speed and intelligent control, and provide advanced equipment and production lines for intelligent manufacturing, digital manufacturing, and network manufacturing. While welcoming the Industrial Internet

+ , it must be \” New hardware era

[ 123] Play the foundation.

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Fourth The development of high -efficiency new processing molding process. To accelerate ultra -high molecular quantitative polyethylene formation processing technology, accelerate

Promotion and application of supercritical foaming process, accelerate the promotion of electromagnetic sensing energy saving technology, etc. Essence \u0026 nbsp; (Author: China Light Industry Joint United Union Vice President Qian Guijing)