Chinaplas 2021: 3 times performance!Zhongyu Shunjia seized high -end medical Plastic Sheet Extruder Material Wind

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam

Tianjin Zhongyu Shunjia Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Zhongyu Shun Jia) is a medical polymer solution service provider. It has focused on the medical plastics industry for many years, and distributed various medical grade polymers from Japan, South Korea and other places. Research and development of medical -grade materials for customers. The medical plastic market will maintain a steady growth of the new crown epidemic, which has triggered the rapid growth of the market for medical plastics. Guo Nan, general manager of Zhongyu Shunjia, told the elegant rubber and plastic network to the CHINAPLAS international rubber and plastic exhibition: \”The medical field has always been relatively stable and stable The market is different from traditional applications such as consumer goods and cars. The market demand is small, but there are more special needs for material characteristics. The new crown epidemic is the role of catalyst and stimulates the needs of medical grade materials. \” Zysj_r_web.jpg Guo Nan, general manager of Tianjin Zhongyu Shunjia Technology Co., Ltd.. As people are more and more concerned about health and the concept of great health in China, he is very optimistic about the development of the domestic medical plastic industry. He said: \”The potential of the Chinese market is very great. In addition to treatment, people are currently realized that prevention of diseases is also very important. This will increase the demand for related medical devices and drive the medical plastics industry. For example, our company has a lot of nucleic acids at present. Testing related projects are ongoing. \”In recent years, Zhongyu Shunjia’s overall performance has maintained about 25%of the growth, and last year, it has recorded three times the growth. Guo Nan expects that the prevention and control of the new crown epidemic is becoming more and more stable, and the medical plastic market will also maintain the existing growth level, and the company will maintain a growth rate of about three times this year. In vitro diagnostic equipment, pre -irrigation blocks, Guo Nan pointed out that in vitro diagnostic (IVD) medical equipment, packaging materials for vaccine, pre -irrigation blocks are the air outlets in the medical application field, and these applications have high requirements for micro -current control technology. Essence Microcidestration technology is a technology that accurately controls and controls micro -scale fluids. It requires precision processing technology such as surface treatment, and high -end material performance such as light transmission and processability. Zhong Yushun has rich experience in these respects and can provide a whole set of solutions. zysj_product_web.jpg Medical products produced by Yu Shunjia. Guo Nan emphasized that the company will continue to develop high -end materials for the above air outlet to help customers seize market opportunities. He said: \”Thanks to the company’s focus on the medical market, the company has the advantage in meeting the requirements of high -end polymer materials, and we will continue to exert these advantages.\” Jia recently cooperated with Taiwanese suppliers to launch a vivion ring -shaped segment conjunction (CBC), which has the characteristics of high purity and high transparency. It is suitable for pre -irrigation and sealing injection, dilutes, cultivation bottles, microfluidic chips, biological creatures Consumption, color cup, etc. Zysj_vision_web.jpg uses a syringe made of Viving ring embedded segment sync (CBC). According to reports, vivion first uses anion firstThe polymerization of ethylene-butadiene embedded segments is formed by the entire oxygen.It has excellent cleanliness and has excellent performance in optical performance.The products produced with Vivion can sterilize through ethylene ethylene, gamma rays and electronic beams.