China may become the world’s FILAMENT EXTRUDER MACHINE tire mold production country

Date:2022-7-19 Author:Sam

Recently, Shangpu Consulting’s \”2014-2018 In-depth Research and Prospects Forecast Report\” states that in terms of international markets, the trend of transnational companies to purchase molds in China is still under development, and international emerging emerging, emerging The development of the market is also promising. Throughout the development trend at home and abroad, the development of China’s tire mold manufacturing industry is broad, and it will definitely become a big country in the world of tire molds.

It is reported that 2013 Sheet Board Extrusion Line In the year, the Chinese tire mold industry has risen, and sales will achieve about 3.565 billion yuan throughout the year, an increase of 18.44%year -on -year. The main reason is that the price of rubber in 2013 has dropped sharply. Domestic tire companies have planned to build and expand tire projects, which has driven the growth of tire mold demand. From the perspective of the profitability of key enterprises, in 2013, the sales revenue of China’s major tire mold companies increased to different levels. Among them, as the leader of the tire mold industry, the performance of heroic science and technology performed well. In 2013, the company’s tire mold achieved sales revenue of 1.057 billion yuan, an increase of 57.11%year -on -year; followed by Giant Wheel Shares. In 2013, the company’s tire mold sales revenue was 468 million yuan, a year -on -year increase 14.04%. The development of the tire mold industry is closely linked to the development of the tire industry. With the increase of automobile output and amount, the tire market that supports and replaced the tire market will maintain a rapid growth trend. The tire mold manufacturing industry will also usher in the development of development Good time.

The authoritative person revealed that the World Tire Manufacturing Center is moving towards the Asian market headed by China, and the focus of the world’s rubber machinery and tire molds has also moved to China.