Change the door of China Nonwoven Fabric Machine!ABB Group appoints the new CEO

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam

The CEO BJ \u0026 Ouml; RN \u0026 Nbsp; Rosengren said:\” I am honored to join the global technical leading company ABB after fulfilling the current commitment.At present, the global manufacturing industry is in a critical period. ABB must continue to provide the best service for global customers with unique technology and digital solutions to help them improve production efficiency.I am looking forward to cooperating with new colleagues around the world to promote the creation of value by implementing the Group’s strategy and fully empowering our business and employees.\”
BJ \u0026 Ouml; RN Rosengren will become the new CEO of ABB. In addition, he also worked in the world’s leading world-leading technical solution provider Atlas \u0026#8226; Copper Corporate for 13 years, and has successively served as a number of management positions (1998-2011). \”I am glad that BJ \u0026 Ouml; RN \u0026 Nbsp; Rosengren will become the new leader of ABB. The executive officer Fu Sai said, \”After a thorough search, the board of directors is convinced that BJ \u0026 Ouml; RN \u0026 Nbsp; Rosengren will be the best candidate for the position. He knows how to successfully establish a decentralized structure, empower business, cultivate cooperation culture, and improve Performance.
ABB Group’s board of directors unanimously decided to appoint BJ \u0026 Ouml; RN \u0026 NBSP; Rosengren as CEO. He will join ABB on February 1, 2020, and replace Fu Sai on March 1, 2020 as CEO. At that time, Fu Sai will continue to focus on the position of the group’s chairman. BJ \u0026 Ouml; RN \u0026 Nbsp; Rosengren (60 years old), a Swedish citizen, is an experienced international executive executive and industrial enterprise leader. Since 2015, he has been the CEO of the Global High -tech Engineering Group Shan Tivk. During the working period, he supervised the successful implementation of the decentralized structure and improved Shantevik’s profitability and financial strength. Prior to this, he was the CEO of the Veorlan Group (2011-2015), which is an equipment manufacturer and service provider in the ocean and energy field.
Björn Rosengren将成为ABB新任首席执行官。
BJ \u0026 Ouml; RN \u0026 Nbsp; ROSEngren will work together with our strong management team to promote the implementation of the ABB strategy and provide long -term value for all stakeholders of the company.\”