challenge!Use 100 %Plastic Granulator Machine waste plastic to make thin film

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After using the post -use waste plastic manufacturing thin film, it is [ 123] 100% Waste plastic, is it feasible? POLIGROUP A production line that the company is using tells you: not only can the pollutants and film be separated from the film, but also its cleaning production line can also use the agricultural film and from super super super The film’s film is converted into recycling materials.
123] Poligroup The company
Herbold film cleaning production line.
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Herbold薄膜清洗生产线。 1
In order to make a thin film for the use of waste, Herbold Meckesheim Co., Ltd. and
Company cooperation designed a demonstration production line for Bulgaria

Monthly put into production. Here the production of high -quality films, some of the thin film made of plastic waste only as low as 30 mμ . Waste plastic contains agricultural use ldpe Film waste, which are used to promote cultivation or as a pasture film. Another component is lldpe Film waste, which is also derived from the agricultural field, such as large packagingBag. The third component is a home waste film from the automatic sorting factory. Why is a mixed film? Its main material comes from ldpe in the agricultural field. To a large extent, a uniform material has a stable melting index ( MFI [123 ] ). \u0026 nbsp; lldpe It can improve physical properties, and thin films from home waste are cheap materials available on the market. Obviously, different, different The film waste has different requirements for a single recycling process. At the beginning, the degree of pollution of agricultural film was extremely high, and the degree of pollution was almost reached 50% , that is, the amount of pollutants entering the film cleaning production line as much as the film. For agricultural film, the main pollutant is sand, but there are also small cobblestone, and small screws may also be wrapped in the film. In order to separate these pollutants from the film, the downstream of the initial crushing process of the cleaning production line is equipped with a pre -cleaning device. The advantage of agricultural film is that the materials are always the same raw materials, the same color, the same performance.

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The situation is different ,

It is a mixture of several different plastic , The real problem faced is to separate the unwanted plastic. \u0026 nbsp; In order to achieve this purpose ,


The company is the only one to engage in Wet film recycling company , They selected the separation process of hydraulic rotation separator


Plastic heavier than water will be better than water. Light plastic separation , This process can ensure that heavier plastic components are separated from polyolefins , , and polyolefins are Good materials on the film cleaning production line. Another advantage of the separation process of hydraulic rotation separator is that there are a large amount of water in the water pipe road, combined with hydraulic spinThe rotation force produced by the ionizer can achieve a good cleaning effect on the film. Family waste films often have organic substances, which are easy to remove during the cleaning process. LLDPE The film is used as an ideal recycling material raw material for production of new film. There are often a large number of paper -label forms, but the separation of these paper and the film is very difficult. \u0026 nbsp; Quality related issues are very important , Because the necessary recycling process will depend on this. In terms of economic sense, only certain waste materials can be used for recycling, and processing manufacturers are increasingly inclined to use very reasonable materials that can be purchased in the market. This is why production line manufacturers and processing manufacturers should work together to work together one. Because it can save unnecessary processes or eliminate space for composition, the more accurate the technical indicators of the input material, the more economical the design lines are designed. In addition, the cleaning production line operating manufacturer also needs to find a solution to collect film waste. \u0026 nbsp; Existing collection and separation The system is a ideal point. Without this system, plastic waste recychers can only use materials imported from countries that collect and recycle these materials. Obviously, mixed waste can also be collected, and organic materials are preliminary as possible to obtain plastic ingredients as much as possible, but this method is very expensive and will affect the quality of recycling materials.

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Poligroup ] The cleaning production line converts the agricultural film and the film from the supermarket into a recycling material , After the production of trash cans, protective boards and building film

,,,,,,,,,,,,,, No need to add new plastic materials , These three products are

100%Herbold \u0026 nbsp; [123 ] Recycling plastic manufacturing by film cleaning production line.

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Plastic waste cleaning production lineMany basic conditions for economic operation are determined by the market , If the acquisition cost , and the transportation cost of raw materials ,,,,,,,, Spinning Machine or the price that the final product can reach. Using the best machine configuration, processing manufacturers can process low -quality materials or obtain high -quality final products. It is also very important to operate the production line by trained employees. \u0026 nbsp;

The overall cost benefit depends on the cost of recovery. The biggest part is the energy cost, and the economic and efficient production line design can reduce this part of the cost. In Poligroup

The energy consumption of the thin film recycling production line installed is about the final product per ton

0.8-1.0 mw , which is equivalent to the final final per kilometer Product 0.8 \u0026 nbsp; to \u0026 nbsp; 1.0 kw . There are a large amount of recycling water in the entire system. Fresh water per ton of raw materials requires 1-2 m \u0026 subt3; for regenerative circulating water.

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Run, consider maintenance and repair issues in the initial design steps. Pay special attention to the easy -to -wear area and protect it. Generally speaking, these wear -easy areas are equipped with replaceable wear -resistant plates. \u0026 nbsp; ] POLIGROUP , buy Herbold Meckesheim \u0026 nbsp; The decisive factors of cleaning the production line are obviously a variability of the high production line. The production line can handle high pollution film and extremely thin film. Its prominent feature is the separation process of pre -cleaning device and hydraulic rotation separator. According to the design, the production line can produce a uniform and high -quality film fragments of cleaning, these fragments are specialSuitable for further processing in EREMA

The extrusion system.

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] POLIGROUP , in Herbold The downstream of cleaning the production line, after cleaning and recycled thin film fragments

EREMA Reliable plastic recycling technology is treated. Poligroup The production line is equipped with a laser filter (filtering fineness is 110 \u0026 micro; m [)) EREMATEPLUS \u0026 reg; (the processing volume is 1100 – 1200 kg/h

) ] HG 244 .

\u0026 nbsp; Patent [ 123] \u0026 nbsp; TVeplus \u0026 reg; The extrusion system for technology is specifically for difficulty processing materials (such as mixed plastic film waste in this example, It has the residual moisture content of 8-12% , and the pollution is very high). Therefore, POLIGROUP Co., Ltd. is able to clean the passing PE thin film fragments (from agricultural use lldpe [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ 123] Stretching film and

ldpe Industrial waste) Recycling and processing into high -quality granules.

\u0026 nbsp; The core part of the production line, That is, on the multi -functional cutting and compactor equipped with a patented air rinse module, it still contains a small amount of residual moisture and pollutants. All the processing processes including cutting, equalization, heating, exhausting, compacting, cushioning and measuring are finished in one processto make. \u0026 nbsp; 123] TVeplus \u0026 reg; The basic principle of the system is to arrange the melt filter before the extrusion machine is exhausted. It has two advantages: one is to reduce The effect of cutting during the melt processing can prevent the particle size of the pollutants before filtering further decrease, thereby improving the efficiency of the filtering process; second, due to the early removal of pollutants from the recycling system, so The pollutants will not release the gas prematurely, and the smell of the recycled granules produced is extremely small. Optimized \u0026 nbsp; TVeplus \u0026 reg;

System triple exhaust process can ensure efficiently feldling after filtration.

Poligroup Co., Ltd. will make the recycled granules produced in this way 100%

. Sheet.

\u0026 nbsp; Poligroup

] Limited production manager nikolaytomov Emphasized EREMA The other advantages of the system: ] The system also has the prominent advantages of the long service life of wear, filter and cutting tools such as filter and cutting tools. It can be said that the production line is really \u0026 nbsp; ] Our application is customized. For us, this means extremely high efficiency. \” \u0026 nbsp ;

The film cleaning production line is in Poligroup The company’s successful production is

Herbold Another milestone of the company has strengthened its assets 500 kg/h -3,000 kg/h The status. POligroup Co., Ltd. has its own efficient recycling production line, so it can ensure the supply of cheap raw materials for the production of thin film production of film waste.The close cooperation between the two companies enables the production line operator to exchange information with the production line supplier, which is very important for the further development of the production line technology and paved the way for future joint projects.