Can withstand 740 ° C High temperature Japan research out the most heat -resistant WPC WALL Panel biomass plastic

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam

Recently, Japanese scientists use biomass materials to develop a plastic with ultra -high heat resistance. According to reports, this plastic is not only better than traditional plastics, but also more environmentally friendly. At present, the mainstream plastic is synthetic plastic, which is mainly extracted from crude oil, natural gas and coal. In recent years, bioplastics have also begun to rise. This biomass plastic can be manufactured by biological, eggshells, feathers and even alcohol. However, the current biomass plastics are mainly made of PLA, PHA, PA11 and other thermoplastic fattees. In terms of strength, flexibility, heat resistance and durability, there are some gaps with fossil plastic. The University of Hokka University in Japan (Jaist) and the University of Tokyo used the aromatic compounds from cowhide AHBA and ABA to develop new biomass plastics. The iGure1.PNG team pointed out that these aromatic compounds containing hydrocarbon have high heat resistance, but because it is difficult to control the structure of the aromatic family, it does not often appear in research. Now the research team will use these two aromatic molecules and molecules and molecules and Reorganize microorganisms and other chemicals, and then converted into polymers together, and processed into extremely heat -resistant films. Their research finally obtained an organic plastic with lightweight and inorganic fillers. Studies have pointed out that this new type of biomass plastic has the highest heat resistance ever in history, and the heat resistance temperature can exceed 740 ° C. It can be described as the first place in the plastic industry. S.PNG pointed out that this new type of polymer design can not only improve heat resistance, but can be widely used in the production of other lightweight materials and help sustainable development. This article is compiled and integrated based on the \”CPRJ Plastic Rubber\” based on the website News.