Can carbon fiber composite car wheels really produce by Cable Extruder?

Date:2022-7-19 Author:Sam

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Beijing Nasheng, Beijing Nasheng The carbon fiber composite car wheels developed by the development and development are better than foreign products.
above, the appearance of the car wheel hub has also been beautified.
] 北京纳盛通研发的碳纤维复合材料汽车轮毂,和国外产品相比,功能更优异。
Co -study research and development of Beihang, Beijing Nashengtong Company and other units to develop a high -performance long carbon fiber enhanced nylon composite car hub, and independent innovation The new carbon fiber composite car wheel structure, composite material system and precision digital automation manufacturing process are designed and developed, and the carbon fiber thermoplasty material vehicle wheels that can achieve mass production and have low -cost competitiveness are successfully developed. Compared with the same type of aluminum Wheel weight loss

According to reports, the wheels as the main force of the car, a Class key safety parts, because it belongs to the rotation of rotation Pieces, carbon fiber enhance thermoplastic (resin base) wheels as the main force of the car, a

Class key safety parts, Because it belongs to the rotation part, carbon fiber enhances thermoplastic (resin base) composite material ( lcft ) manufacturing can get a greater reduction Effect. Carbon fiber enhanced thermoplastic (resin base) composite material (

LCFT ) The significant characteristics of its lightweight, high ratio, high ratio, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, recyclable, etc., have become lightweight at home and abroad cars at home and abroad One of the preferred materials can replace some metal materials parts, which has obvious weight loss and cost -effective advantage. \u0026nbsSheet board extrusion linep;[ 123] This carbon fiber enhanced thermoplastic composite car hub adopts independent innovative high -performance long carbon fiber enhancement nylon composite materials ( LCFT [ [ [ [ [ [ 123] ) Preparation. Due to the use of specially designed continuous carbon fiber surface treatment and special processing and forming technology, to ensure the best matching of carbon fiber and matrix nylon resin, and develop a highly precision injection molding process for the composite material system, the maximum limit The ground guarantees the length of the carbon fiber retention, distribution uniformity, and the impregnation quality of the substrate resin, thereby giving full play to the high -strength and high -profile performance of carbon fiber. This new material system has independent innovation patent intellectual property rights. Compared with the current reported carbon fiber enhanced thermosetry composite wheels, its production efficiency is higher, the cost is lower, and it has the significant characteristics of environmental protection, recyclable and recycling, and foreign companies. Compared with the car hub of thermopoplastic nylon composite material, the development of long glass fibers developed is more obvious, with higher size and accuracy, and more excellent performance such as anti -fatigue, creep resistance, heat resistance, and environmental resistance.

Label test technology ( SGS

) Company testing, long carbon fiber enhanced nylon composite materials (carbon fiber content 25-40WT% 123]), its modular and intensity than long glass fiber enhanced nylon composite materials (glass fiber content 60WT% 30 ~ 40%

. For the designed long carbon fiber enhanced nylon composite materials ( lcft ) Car wheel hub for comprehensive calculation simulation analysis ( CAE ),),),),),),),),),),),), Its weight loss compared to the same type of aluminum hub

40-60% above.This product can be recycled 100% , which has very good environmental friendship. ]