Britain: By the end of 2020, AC DC Wire Difference will be eliminated.

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam

123] Objective 2: Make 100 % of them can be reused, recycling or compost plastic packaging
The supermarket has removed 3,400 tons of unnecessary fresh agricultural product plastic packaging. The weight is equivalent to 272 London buses, and 137.5 million plastic fruits and vegetables labels are removed.
The British Plastic Convention proposed four major plastic cycle economic goals: eliminate problems or unnecessary unnecessary problems One -time plastic packaging, manufacturing 100 % can be reused, recycling or compost plastic packaging, 70 % of plastic packaging can effectively recycle or compost and all plastic packaging contain an average of 30 % regeneration. Target 1: Eliminate problems or unnecessary disposable plastic packaging
Close The British Plastic Convention was proposed Four major plastic circular economic goals: eliminate problems or unnecessary disposable plastic packaging, manufacturing 100 % reused, recycling or compost plastic packaging, 70 % plastic packaging can effectively recycle or compost compost and all plastic packaging contains the average contained 30 % regeneration ingredients.
英国塑料公约提出四大塑料循环经济目标:消除有问题或不必要的一次性塑料包装、制造100%可重复使用,可回收或堆肥塑料包装、70%的塑料包装能够有效地回收或堆肥及所有塑料包装平均含有 30%再生成分。
英国塑料公约是一项由废物\u0026amp;资源行动计划(WRAP,Waste\u0026nbsp;\u0026amp;\u0026nbsp;Resources\u0026nbsp;Action\u0026nbsp;Programme)和艾伦\u0026#8226;麦克阿瑟基金会(Ellen\u0026nbsp;MacArthur\u0026nbsp;Foundation ) The cooperation project initiated by the leader aims to unite the enterprises in the entire value chain with the British government and non -governmental organizations to create a circular economy for plastic. This report providesThe British comprehensive overview of the progress of the progress of plastic circulation economic systems.
According to \”British plastic The first annual report of the Convention (UK \u0026 Nbsp; Plastics \u0026 Nbsp; PACT) stated that by the end of 2020, 1 billionth and unnecessary disposable plastic products will be eliminated.
The report shows that the British Plastic Convention members have reached more than half of the target progress of all packaging recyclable targets, and the UK has achieved more than half of the goal of recycling 70 % of plastic packaging. In addition, the target of 30%regenerative ingredients in plastic packaging in plastic packaging also reached one -third of the progress.
However, the report also emphasized that there is still a \”highly complicated\” challenge, such as the development of film and soft packaging recycling system.
By the end of 2020, the members of the Convention will remove a total of 1.1 billion Most members have eliminated several types of items such as drinking pipes and cotton swabs.
In 2018, the plastic packaging sold by the Convention members 65 % are recyclable. The recent measures include the supermarket cleared more than 19,000 tons of non -recyclable black plastic, which is equivalent to 1.5 billion yuan.

By the end of 2020, all convention members planned to remove 21,000 tons of non -recyclable PVC and polystyrene from its packaging.
In addition, the packaging that can be reused has also increased. For example, the \”packaging\” trial store of Waitrose Supermarket has set up dry goods, wine, beer, and detergent re -filled stations.

A major challenge currently faces is the recycling system that develops plastic film (such as bread bags and potato chips). The system accounts for 25 % of consumer plastic packaging, but only 4 % have been recycled. This requires innovation and investment in advanced recycling processes.

Target 3 \u0026 nbsp;: 70 % plastic packaging can effectively recover or compost

44 % of the current plastic packaging in the UK has been recycled Essence This depends on Britain’s important new investment in plastic processing, including waste management giants Viridor and new recycling facilities announced by BIFFA.
At the same time, it is still a challenge to ensure the correct information and encourage them to participate in the recycling operation. In this regard, all supermarkets have signed the \”ON-PACK \u0026 Nbsp; RecyCling \u0026 Nbsp; Labelling) system, Pepsi, Yiyun and InnocentBeverage brands, etc., have strengthened packaging recycling label recognition to make citizens clearly clear the details.

In addition, all the large supermarkets can help in the store with plastic recycling points that can be recovered in the store that can be recovered at home to help Customers increase recovery.

Target 4: All plastic packaging contains an average of \u0026 nbsp; 30 % regeneration ingredients In 2018, the average plastic packaging of the Convention contains 10 10 % Can renewable ingredients, so that it can save more than one million barrels (more than 90,000 tons) for the production of new plastic oil, which is equivalent to the weight of more than one million dolphins.
The actions adopted by members of the Convention include the brand’s 100 % renewable water bottle, such as the ecological bottle of the Glaceau \u0026 Nbsp; SmartWater and Highland \u0026 Nbsp; Spring. The renewable ingredients contained in personal care and laundry products are also increasing.

To achieve plastic packaging containing 30 % regenerative ingredients, the main challenge is to ensure that there is enough high -quality regenerative plastic to use. This is why it is very important to upgrade in designable packaging. For example, Sprite has shifted from green bottle to transparent bottle this year.

By 2025, these four goals will not only achieve the plastic circular economy, but also reduce the production of junior plastic. This can not only be achieved by increasing the content of the regenerative ingredients in packaging and products, but also can be achieved by filling the solution and getting rid of problems or unnecessary plastics.