Breakthrough! High -performance 3D printing material Recycling Granulator Machine passed the European Airlines Bureau strict test

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In the future 123] 10 In the year, ABS , PLA and nylon will occupy the largest market share in the material market printed in 3d The largest market share is printed. It is estimated that 2019 In the year, \u0026 nbsp; The market demand of these materials will reach 1.3 1.3 10,000 tons.

ABS, PLA and Nylon Will Account for the Larget Market Share in the Plainting Markets. It is Estimated that the demand for these mailials will reach 13000 Tons by 2019.


In the printing of
ABS 3D printing fast molding.
ABS 3D打印快速成型。
Printing will undoubtedly become the future

10 Widely promoted the widespread promotion of automotive, medical care, construction and other industries in the year For technical applications, plastic as an important 3D Printing raw materials, and in the future 10 What opportunities and challenges are ushered in in the middle of the year? \u0026 nbsp; Global well -known consultation Company SMARTECH

The company recently promulgated \”Future

10 In the year, plastic is [ 123] 3D

The application prediction of the printing market, which evaluates the types of new plastic materials, including polycarbonate, polystyrene, [ 123] TPU , , pba [ [ 123], polyethylene, polydeons and alternative biological plastics, transparent materials, flexible materials, and nano -enhanced plastic. The report states that plastic will become 3D Printing company’s competitive advantage. ] OEM The company is looking for plastic materials that can bring rich income in the next few years, even 3d

] Printing company began to acquire material research and development companies. At the same time, the main material company also began to print 3D Print as a profitable niche market to seize business opportunities. \u0026 nbsp;

ABS and

PLA – Green application is imperative \u0026 nbsp;

Since the years, most companies have mainly adopted ] ABS As the production of product prototypes, this has consolidated

ABS [ [ 123] 3D The status of printing media materials. Can be used for 3D ABS There are many types of materials, which are other plastic materials Incomparable. The market can provide different types of high quality ABS products, their color, transparency, fire prevention and chemical corrosion resistance can even be available with other traditional processing materials Compared. However, due to the lack of standardized single fiber, ABS The market for single fibers is also relatively scattered, making it impossible for material suppliers to pursue greater production capacity. Over the past few years, industry insiders have begun to take 1.75 Milm’s single -fiber diameter as a standard processing diameter. \u0026 nbsp; bs ] Although it can bring a lot of benefits, it will also face various challenges. In the past


, due to ABS

The limitations of material physical characteristics, It also brings some restrictions to the individual

3D printing also brings some restrictions. Although ABS is 3d The most common material in the printing material market, but it It will not bring huge market income like nylon or resin. \u0026 nbsp; PLA as a replacement [ 123] ABS

Green products are gradually applied to

3D printing. With the green demands of plastic on traditional manufacturing technology,

\u0026 nbsp; PLA has gradually become the most useful use in production applications in production applications Material. PLA Some material composition comes from the renewable lactose extracted from corn starch, soybeans, cane roots, sugar cane, potatoes, wheat and many other plants. Part ] PLA , such as PLA 4043D

has been transformed into a more environmentally friendly material. Many material suppliers are now



single fiber, single fiber, Some are even exclusive. \u0026 nbsp; Materials and new suppliers, unlimited potential \u0026 nbsp; [ 123] Although

3D The most common part of the printing material market is ABS

and PLA

, in fact, nylon is the largest application -scale material. It is expected to reach

2019 [123 ] In the year, nylon will occupy


Printing material market 30% market share. \u0026 nbs PIP ] Nylon material is improving in the direction of functional prototypes and terminal manufacturing applications. Nylons can be used for high temperature extrusion process, but it can also present melting characteristics in laser sintering process. Globally, nylon 6 is mainly used in traditional processing technology, including injection molding. Nylon 12 is often used for laser sintering additive production process. \u0026 nbsp;

Because people can better better way Control 尼龙粉末烧结成型。 3D The internal structure of the printed nylon component to achieve changes in the fiber sequence, thereby improving the same sexual performance of the component, which can output to the object under pressure conditions under pressure conditions Transformed programming. Therefore, nylon will continue to maintain its advantages in the material market printed in


. \u0026 nbsp; The number of nylon powder suppliers is still limited. At present, only a few manufacturers are

3D Printing the nylon powder produced. The main suppliers are: Yingchuang, Arkma,


, [ 123] and Ronia. There are also nylon powders that produce laser sintering technology for Chinese companies. \u0026 nbsp;

Guangmin resin -始于原型制作,后劲十足

\u0026nbsp;[123 ] 30 Over the past, resin has been selectively solidified to form an object structure. Since this technology appeared for the first time 30 ] Print resin has brought a small but rich user base for prototype engineers. In the next ten years, there will still be huge business opportunities in the resin. Through

SLA The equipment is installed and used in large scale. More functional resin materials and terminal applications will appear in The dental industry.

\u0026 nbsp;

Future ten In the year, the market demand of resin is expected to be as large as 3D The demand for India Dragon is as great. However, the largest application of the resin will mainly be prototype design.

\u0026 nbsp; SLA The device can produce a highly accurate three -dimensional prototype, which can perform shape fitting tests. These prototypes have pads, gears and hinges, which will have an important impact on component manufacturing in automotive, medical, heavy machinery, and aerospace industry. \u0026 nbsp; SL The equipment has also begun to have a great impact on design -oriented industries such as construction and electronics. \u0026 nbsp; It is expected to be in the future [ 123]


The continuous improvement of the annual resin material will allow engineers to produce more powerful functional prototypes. These functional prototypes are directly used in high -performance automobile industries and aerospace industries. Guangmin resin will also have special applications in the oral medical industry. SLA光敏树脂成型。

\u0026 nbsp; 3d [123 ] The light -sensitive resin supply chain in the printing industry is quite complete. Due to these long history, a large number of professional and high -efficiency chemical suppliers will be more willing to be 3D Print resin material manufacturing services. \u0026 nbsp;


\u0026 nbsp; Three types of plastic \u0026 nbsp;



and nylon will be in the future

10 Continue to occupy 3d The maximum share of the printing material market. It is expected to 2019

In the year, \u0026 nbsp; The market demand of these materials will be the market demand for these materials will be Reach

1.3 10,000 tons.

\u0026 nbsp;

bs ] and PLA 3d printed printing The needs of business enthusiasts will be individual 3D The printing market brings strong business opportunities. More durable polymers such as TPU , polycarbonate and nylon industry will win more market share in the next ten years. The application in the new material in 3D can help professionals to achieve different performance of the product, provide more weight and better performance, and reduce Secondary installation procedures, even make customers customized medical implants and dental solutions possible, which will bring more value to related segment markets. \u0026 nbsp; But at present, the equipment manufacturer controls [ 123] 3D The supply chain of printing materials reduces the competitive opportunities of large materials companies.However, some material companies cooperate with small equipment factories and even develop their own


printing equipment.Some companies like CRP Technology and


are looking for business opportunities by developing special materials for automobiles and dental applications.