Bosch considers layoffs, Macquaria’s sales minus DC cable and acable difference by 20 %, Bio increases by 20 %, and the open source and throttling of automobile parts enterprises

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam

123] seats. These models are also explosive in China. Model. Throughout the top ten, Volkswagen
The top ten models of the global sales list have not changed much, of which Japanese models account for
The open source and throttling of automobile parts enterprises. + Corolla continues to defend the championship.
Recently, foreign websites released 2019 The global car sales rankings in the first half of the year. Among them, Toyota’s Corolla

The models of models have all declined, and the sales of sales are severe, and the decline in golf has the largest decline. In the first half of the year of the global automobile sales ranking

10 Name 123] \u0026 nbsp; Sales in the first half of 2019
\u0026 nbsp; year -on -year increase/decrease

\u0026 nbsp; 1 \u0026 nbsp; Toyota Corolla+Crown [Corolla [ 123] \u0026 nbsp; 596282 \u0026 nbsp; -2.0% \u0026 nbsp; 2 \u0026 nbsp; Ford F series ] \u0026 nbsp; 539181 \u0026 nbsp; 0.4%

\u0026 nbsp; 3 \u0026 nbsp; Toyota RAV4 \u0026 nbsp; 440597 \u0026 nbsp; 8.2% \u0026 nbsp; 4 \u0026 nbsp; Honda Civic \u0026 nbsp; 416571 \u0026 nbsp; -0.6%[ 123] \u0026 nbsp; Honda CR-V ] \u0026 nbsp; 6 \u0026 nbsp; Volkswagen Tiguan \u0026 nbsp; 374345 \u0026 nbsp; -9.8% \u0026 nbsp; Volkswagen Golf \u0026 nbsp; 8 \u0026 nbsp; Toyota Camry \u0026 nbsp; 349944 \u0026 nbsp; 3.5% \u0026 nbsp; 9 \u0026 nbsp; RAM pickup \u0026 nbsp; 346842 \u0026 nbsp; 22.5% \u0026 nbsp; 322513 \u0026 nbsp; -14.6% and and and and with The close -related car parts and component companies, what are the sales performance of the first half of the year in 2019 ? Bosch Automobile h) Can’t
\u0026 nbsp; 5
\u0026 nbsp; 381736 \u0026 nbsp; 15.6%
123] \u0026 nbsp; 7
\u0026 nbsp; 362849 \u0026 nbsp; -18.5%
\u0026 nbsp; 10 \u0026 nbsp; Volkswagen Polo \u0026 Nbsp; 123]
(bosc \u0026 nbsp; :


Profit level, may consider layoffs Bosch Bosch Auto accessories company has not yet released 2019
annual sales data, the company’s chief executive officer
Volkmar Denner

recent It is said that the sales volume of Bosch automobile accessories is expected to be stagnated this year. He attributed this to the deterioration of the prospects of the automotive industry. Not only was Bosch’s business affected, but even ZF and Mainland Group were also affected. Volkmar Denner indicated, 2019 The Bosch of the Bosch could no longer be maintained [ 123] 2018 The profit level of the year


2 018 The operating profit margin of the Bosch automobile accessories in the year is 7% .

\”Our future development plan indicates that automobile production will have stagnation in the next few years, which is different from the rising trend in the past. 123]

\u0026 nbsp; Volkmar Denner


He revealed in an interview that this may have a certain impact on employees of Bosch diesel power plants. Work. Bosch automobile accessories are 2018 annual sales 495.2 billion US dollars The performance, 2018 Global Automobile Parts 100 The top of the strong company.

Magna ( Magna at

Overall sales A year -on -year decrease

, the vehicle business increased

36% 2019 In the first half of the year, sales were 207.2 billion U.S. dollars, a year -on -year decrease 2 %


Before tax operating income is 19.6 billion dollars . The impact of peeling exchange rate changes and asset stripping, 2019
After the net acquisition of the first half of the year Sales increased


  • According to the market segment: the entire vehicle increased 36% , the seat increased 3%[123 123 ] , the power and visual system remain unchanged, the outside and structure of the body decreased 4%
  • ; compared with the same period last year 4% . McGona prediction

annual sales of annual sales at

389 billion US dollars To 411 Between dollars, it is basically the same as last year.

McGona at \u0026 nbsp; 28 The country has set up a country to set up a country. 335 Home Manufacturing Factory, 96 Individual product development, engineering and sales centers. McGona is mainly engaged in vehicle engineering and foundry manufacturing. The products include manufacturing body, chassis, exterior, seats, power assembly, electronics, active driving assistance, mirror, atresia and roof system. And software engineering capabilities.

ZF Friedrichshafen Ag : ] Slowing sales growth, centralized investment in autonomous driving and electric drivers


In the first half of the year year The sales of sales are about

184 100 million euros The post -interest tax before the adjustment (EBIT) is about 6.5 100 million euros

Concentrated investment in the two major strategic technical areas of autonomous driving and electric drive

2019 In fiscal sales, it will be 360 billion to 370 Between 100 million euros

[ 123]

    \”Recently, we have obtained a large rated order of the passenger vehicle hybrid power transmission, and at the same time, we also began to supply customers with a luxury model that is suitable for a large -scale mass -produced luxury model. It confirms the company’s strategy and the correctness of open technologies. \”ZF CEO Volff Hanning Schid
  • (wolf-Henning Scheider) said. \”However, in the face of the current severe economic environment of the world, the global automobile market declines more than expected, we cannot be alone.\”
  • ] ZF’s business in heavy commercial vehicles and industrial technology remains stable. However, due to the significant decrease in sales of almost all major automobile markets in the world, especially in China’s overall automobiles, ZF has slowed in sales growth in the first half of the year in the first half of the year . Before that, the group expects the overall automotive market to rise slightly. In addition to the economic downturn, For example, the uncertainty of Brexit in the future and factors that affect economic policies such as tariffs and trade have brought adverse effects .
  • The impact of the exchange rate and mergers and acquisitions, the natural growth rate of ZF in the first half of the year was


\u0026 nbsp;

184 100 million euros

After the adjustment of the first half of the year Pre -tax profit


6.46 billion euros, lower than previous expectations. The main factor of decline in profit is the decline in sales of passenger car market mentioned above, further increase in R \u0026 D expenditure, and the cost of new plant buildings, especially in the field of electric driveEntry and corresponding project startup costs.

\”We are not satisfied with this number and intend to improve our resource allocation. In addition, we have taken additional measures to improve their performance.\” Chief Financial Officer Constantine Samal

(Konstantin Sauer) said, \”ZF will continue to invest in future technology, such as electric drives and autonomous driving.\” [123 ] On the other hand, the group will postpone or reduce investment maturity and significantly affected by economic downturn. Sales is full of confidence in the financing of Welberk, a manufacturer of commercial vehicle brake system. \”We have planned the reliable long -term financing, and potential investors are also positive for our plans,\” Saer said. ZF does not expect the global economic situation to improve significantly in the second half of this year. Therefore Corresponding adjustment.

In 2019 In the fiscal year, based on a stable market and exchange rate expectations, ZF expects that the group sales will be [ [ 123] 360 100 million to 370 Between 100 million euros, the adjustment of the annual annual interest tax after adjustment (ebit margin) [) 123]

will be between

4% to 5%

5 100 million to

10 billion euros.

Bio Group \u0026 nbsp;

( ! Plastic omnium [123 123 ] ) : Operating income increased year -on -year 21% , the cost savings plan results [ [ 123] 2019 The first half of the year of the year is 46.11 billion euro

], Year -on -year increased 21% Business profit reaches 2.81 billion euros 2018 The same period of the same period [[

[ 123] 3.24

billion euros.
  • In the second half of the year, global automobile output dropped 4.4% This is the first time 10
  • has declined for the year. 2019 The global automobile output declined in the first half of the year, decreased 6.9% . In this case, the operating income of Bio Group in the first half of the year of the first half of the year of the year
  • 20.7%

, reached

46.11 billion euros, which mainly benefited 123] 4 The cost savings plan implemented in the quarter. Byou Group’s operating profit in the first half of the year of the first half of the year of the year ] 2.81 100 million euros (accounted for 6.6%

), and

2018 The first half of the year is [123 ] 3.24 billion euros, in the second half of the year 2.86 billion euros. 2019 The decline in operating profits in the first half of the year, mainly from the sharp decline and fluctuations in the Chinese, German and British markets. The group’s net shares are 1.55 billion euros, including 2500
The reorganization cost of 10,000 euros.

Bio Group expects

2019 The world will decline in the world in the world 4.5% ( 2019 The expected production of the year is about 8700 10,000 units, and 2018 The expected production of the annual expected is 9130 10,000 vehicles), which will strengthen its cost reduction plan. In addition, according to the independent valuation, Plastic omnium I hope to sell its commercial real estate assets The wholly -owned real estate company Sofiparc , the latter is also

Plastic Omnium

. The transaction will make the other non -industrial real estate assets of the Bio Group rationalized and strengthen its financial structure. Faurecia faurecia : Steady, step up the integration of Foji Asia Gele Electronics 2019 In the first half of the year sales of the year 123] 89.72 billion euros, a year -on -year decrease 0.2%

2019 The first half of the year’s operating profit is 6.45 billion euros, a year -on -year decrease 0.4% Official Korida ( Patrick Koller ) said: \”


\u0026 nbsp; In the first half of the year, the market environment than expected It is more severe, especially affected by the significant decline in the production of automobile production in the Chinese market. In this context, the strong performance of Fojia once again demonstrates the anti -inverse force of the Fojia business model. \” He said that since the official acquisition of Gelle, he integrates the technical strength of both Foji and Ge Le, and formed a strong new business department


\u0026 nbsp;

  • \u0026 nbsp; Fojia Gele Electronics. At the current stage, Fojia is focusing on the implementation of a plan that significantly reduce costs and willThis year
  • \u0026 nbsp; 11 \u0026 nbsp; \u0026 nbsp; 26
  • \u0026 nbsp;

During the Foji Asia Capital Market Day event held on the day, the strategic planning and profit growth roadmap of the new business department was announced.

Mainland Group \u0026 nbsp; ( Continental ag

) :
Stable performance, follow electric travel

In the second quarter of sales 123] 113 100 million euros Executive board of the executive board takes measures for the power assembly business to pay attention to electric travel Production solid -state batteries will no longer be produced no longer It is a strategic consideration category

Despite the sharp decline in the market, mainland groups are in 2019 second year second The overall performance of the quarter is stable. 2019 In the second quarter of the year, the output of global passenger vehicles and light commercial vehicles decreased by about the same period last year 7 %. The consolidated sales of mainland groups were

billion euros, a decrease from the same period last year 1.0 %. The natural growth rate of sales in the second quarter, after eliminating the changes in the merger and the impact of the exchange rate, decreased from the same period last year 3.7 %.

  • The profit before the adjustment in the second quarter was 8.68 billion euros. This is equivalent to the profit margin 7.8 % (last year:
  • 10.2
  • %). Therefore, the mainland group confirmed and in 2019


22 Released on the day Its 2019

Preliminary business data in the first half of the year. During this fiscal year, the output of global passenger cars and light commercial vehicles is expected to decrease from about year -on -year 5 %. CEO of Mainland Group elmar degegenhart \u0026 nbsp; said: \”Current The market environment is full of challenges. The major global automotive markets, including Europe, North America, and especially China, are showing a downward trend. We are strictly controlling costs and cope with this trend through improving competitiveness. \”

\u0026 nbsp; [ 123]

Degenhart Dr. also said that Germany is relatively high in energy, tax and social costs, so the pressure of German factories has gradually increased.

In addition, he said that the automotive industry is currently experiencing a fundamental, sharp acceleration and a subversive change to a certain extent.

Executive Board has decided the future development direction of the mainland group’s power assembly business. The business will be vitesco technologies in the future \u0026 nbsp; ] Trading for the company name. In order to meet the harsh requirements of laws and regulations, and better operate in the market environment full of subversive changes. At present Pay more close attention to electric vehicle business. At the same time, mainland groups no longer consider being involved in the field of solid battery production, but so far the company has not made the final decision in this regard. DAX The company’s continental group has not been involved in the production field of lithium -ion battery. In the process of rapid changes, the market demand for internal combustion engines gradually declined, which prompted the mainland group to stop further expanding its power assembly hydraulic parts business, including for gasoline and diesel engines Related parts of the fuel injection and oil pump. This means that the existing orders will be completed, but the influence of new orders has limited influence. In addition, the mainland group is analyzing its business development in the post -exhaust processing and fuel supply system, mainly due to the excessive price competition pressure and high dependence on future market development. sex. 目前,大陆集团预计与去年同期相比,乘用车和轻型商用车的产量在美国将下降2 %, declined in Europe


%, declined in China

10 %. Overall, the company expects 2019 Global automobile output will decrease by about 5


Lee (

lea ):


Sales are [ 123] 50 billion U.S. dollars, a year -on -year decrease 10.7%

Sales are 50

billion dollars , the same period last year 56 billion dollars

year -on -year decrease 10.7%;

The net income is


billion dollars , the net income after adjustment is 2.36 [ 123] billion dollars ; The core operating revenue is 3.52 billion dollars [ 123], in the same period last year 471 billion US dollars.

Lels ( Lea ) is the leading enterprise of global automotive seats, electronics and electrical system technology. \”We continue to face a severe macroeconomic and industry environment. 2019 In the second quarter of the year, global automobile output decreased compared with last year 7% The above. Among them, China’s automobile output decline 17% , Europe decreased


. In the second quarter The production of the automotive industry’s continued decline in production, a large number of project conversion, slowing down production growth, and the negative impact of global currency against the US dollar. \”President Lear and CEO Ray Scott Say. He said that despite the challenges of the automotive industry, Lier will continue to focus on investment profit growth. Through comprehensive operations and organizational plansIncrease efficiency in one step and provide excellent value for shareholders.