Boeing also began to recover aerospace composite materials!It is said that 100PVC Pelletizing Machine can be reduced each year!

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In the past and a half of the past year, ELG and Boeing have saved 150 150 10,000 pounds of carbon fiber materials. Boeing said that the new agreement will support ELG to achieve 2025 reduction of 20%landfill solid waste target.
The world’s leading aerospace manufacturer Boeing Company with Britain ELG Carbon fiber has reached cooperation recently,
to recycle aerospace -level composite materials for recycling , Make products such as electronic accessories and automobile equipment.
It is reported that the agreement reached by the two parties is the \”first applied to the aerospace industry for the first time in the same kind\” agreement. Its partnership will include
The carbon fiber surplus material of the Boeing production plant is recycled, and it is expected to be reduced every year
solids above 10,000 pounds scrap.

No longer existing technical barriers As the world’s largest aerospace composite material use company, Boeing will composite materials will be composite materials Apply to

Manufacturing Boeing 787

\”Dreamliner and all new Boeing

777x Aircraft. However, the company discovered that the processing of processing during the manufacturing process of the aircraft or the reuse of the preparation of the preparatory work materials existing \”technical barriers\” obstacles. In this regard ELG indicates that this \”technical barrier\” can be solved. It is understood that ELG has developed a patented method, can re -use the processing composite materials. The company treats these excess materials through the furnace, which vaporizes synthetic resin, and rejuvenates the carbon fiber layer to retain the cleaning material. At present ELG It has carried out a pilot project in Washington to prove that this recovery method can be gradually expanded, thereby thereby Can handle weekly rotation of large raw materials. The site selection of the pilot project is also the location of the Boeing manufacturing large -scale machine -wing factory.
In the past year and a half,
ELG and Boeing have saved a total of


10,000 pounds of carbon fiber materials . After these materials are cleaned through ELG , they are sold to the electronics industry and land transportation industry.

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Based The agreement will save the company
11 The remaining composite materials of the production plant. If so, this agreement will support the company reached 2025 annual reduction 20% landfill solid waste abandonment Things target.

Boeing and ELG

are considering expanding the agreement, so that Boeing is located in Canada, China and Malaysia.

3 The remaining materials of the home production plant are recycling. Benefiting from this expectation, ELG It is expected to be 2019 At the end of the year, the company’s employees will be from 2016 [2016 [2016 [2016 [2016 [] 123] In the year 39

The person has increased to nearly three times to

112 . Boeing continued to say that the company could soon achieve the project of composite material recycling, and said that it would be accustomed to aluminum recycling and titanium recycling. Get long -term use guarantee Boeing material manufacturing product strategy and product strategy and product strategy and product strategy and the strategy of BoeingIn the future, the head of the model development department Tia Benson TOLLE said: \”The carbon fiber that has been recycled and processed cannot be achieved a few years ago.\” She added: \”Through [and [through [and [through ELG cooperation, using innovative recycling methods, we can continue to work hard to the long -view of ‘zero -buried garbage’. \” ELG [ELG \u0026 nbsp;

General Manager of Carbon Fiber

Frazer Barnes

\u0026 nbsp; commented: \”Considering these materials will be in the automotive industryWith long -term use with electronic projects, supply reliability is extremely important. The partnership reached this time makes us have the ability to prove this reliability. This can also provide our customers with confidence in using recyclable materials. \”[123 123]