Bochuang exhibited full -motor pilot energy saving Filament Extruder Machine injection molding equipment

Date:2022-7-19 Author:Sam

123] 2014 China (Dongguan) International Science and Technology Cooperation Week At the Dongguan City recruitment campaign, a full -electric series injection molding machine with a leading technology and a number of international patents exhibited in Dongguan City.
\”, Bo Chuang recently sponsored by the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Guangdong Provincial Government
Bo Chuang BE120 All motor attracted relevant leaders to stop and watch. (Third from the left is the Dean of the Chinese Academy of Engineering) \”
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Guangdong Province CNC Demonstration Base [ 123]

\u0026 nbsp; Bo Chuang [ 123] BE120 The full electric injection machine is a demonstration product for energy -saving and intelligent NC -controlled injection molding machines. It uses full electric servo driver technology. The system parameters are higher than international standards, efficient production, saving energy, specially saved, specially saving energy. Special Suitable for precision high -speed molding, energy conservation has reached national first -level standards and is a model of the industry. Dean Zhou Ji of the Chinese Academy of Engineering also visited the exhibition site accompanied by the relevant leaders, listened to the results and work reports of the CNC -generation projects, and expressed significant results. \u0026 nbsp;

Energy -saving is the current development of an injection molding machine. The theme of CNC is the key to realizing the energy saving of injection machines. According to reports, as early as 2012 To


Energy -saving plastic injection molding CNC system and equipment \” \”123]\” 123] \”123] ] Demonstration project of innovation application project in Guangdong CNC 1st -generation mechanical product innovation

. 2013 In the year, he co -assumed the national CNC project with China CNC Co., Ltd.

\” The allocated electrical injection machine CNC system configuration configuration Plan \” , jointly developed a full digital open high -end CNC system platform with independent intellectual property rights, using 100Mbps Real -time Industrial Ethernet bus bus Technology ( ncuc-bus ), minimum interpolation cycle 0.125ms , achieve accuracy The full electric injection machine with traffic and temperature control forms a special CNC product for energy -saving intelligent injection machines. After testing, the technology has reached China’s leading level. \u0026 nbsp; ] \” CNC \” based Intelligent generation Development, developing injection molding formed intelligent (flexible) manufacturing systems, preparing flexible intelligent intelligent composite material digital factory with customers.

\u0026 nbsp;

Recently, Bo Chuang broke the industry In tradition, a strong application -based injection molding machine networking technology has been developed to help customers realize the intelligent transformation and upgrading of the injection molding factory, and effectively solve problems for customers and improve production efficiency. In the future, Bochuang will fully promote the research and development and design of intelligent energy -saving injection molding machines, and play a leading role in the industrial chain. The overall upgrade of China’s mechanical products is

\” CNC generation [ [ 123] \” The contribution strength, from to to ]\” Strong \”

The leap -up development of an important contribution.