Big!Indorama promised Fire Retardant Cable to invest $ 1.5 billion for PET recycling

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam

] The main business of IVL is to produce primary PET. In the past year, The company’s PET production capacity is about 5 million tons.
IVL headquarters in Bangkok has 11 recycling bases in Asia, America and Europe . Last year, the company was acquiring CUSTOM \u0026 nbsp; Polymers \u0026 Nbsp; PET \u0026 Nbsp; LLC’s American PET recycling factory, and a advanced recycling factory was established in Mexico. It is said that can handle 100 million pounds (45,359 tons) of plastic bottles each year. Essence
Except 1 billion mentioned above Lohia In addition to the US dollar investment, he also said that IVL plans to invest another $ 500 million to help its customers’ packaging achieve a 25 % regeneration PET content.
Aloke Lohia, CEO of Indorama Ventures. ] \”We have prepared a $ 1 billion appropriation budget for recycling. By 2025, when the brand wants to pack the regenerative plastic component of 25 %, IVL will provide corresponding products to the corresponding product , \”IVL CEO ALOKE \u0026 Nbsp; Lohia said. \”Because IVL is one of the world’s largest PET companies, all partners are discussing the importance of PET recycling with us.\”
Indorama Ventures的集团首席执行官Aloke Lohia。
Thai Chemical Enterprise Indorama \u0026 Nbsp; Ventures (hereinafter referred to as IVL) said it will invest about $ 1.5 billion in PET recycling in the next five years.
\”They want to choose PET as the main packaging materials. We also Observe more and more plastic packaging to pet packaging. This is a good news for us. We must ensure that the company can provide 25 % regenerative plastic ingredients. \”
The target was announced by the European Commission in March this year that IVL included brands such as Coca -Cola, Pepsi and Nestlé on the list of objects.
However, Lohia believes that enhancing the recycling business will not affect the business of PET production, because as the market’s demand for regenerative plastic packaging continues to grow, enhancing the PET recycling business will improve the company’s supply portfolio.
Earlier this month, IVL announced the acquisition of the chemical intermediate business of Huntsman \u0026 Nbsp; Corp for about 2.08 billion US dollars.