Berry completes the annual sales of RPC’s acquisition of Plastic Extrusion Line, it is expected to reach $ 13 billion

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam

Berry Group announced its acquisition of RPC Group PLC (RPC). The total acquisition price is about $ 6.5 billion (adjusted by the price at the time of delivery), including about 4.3 billion US dollars in cash to acquire RPC equity and 2.2 billion US dollars debt and transaction -related expenses. The merged Berry and RPC will become the leader of the world’s high -value -added protection solutions and one of the world’s largest plastic packaging companies. At this point, Berry’s global footprint will expand to 290 regions in the world: including North America and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia. According to the latest Berry and RPC financial statements: the annual sales of the company after the merger are expected to reach $ 13 billion, and the number of employees in six continents around the world will exceed 48,000. \”We are very excited as leaders of the global plastic and recyclable packaging product industry after the merger of Berry and RPC. With the various manufacturing platforms in the industry, we will continue to provide thousands of customers with high quality and innovation. Protective product solution. \”Mr. Tom Salmon, chairman of Berry Group and CEO. \”The acquisition of RPC will provide excellent opportunities for the combined advantages of the two parties in innovative materials science, product development and manufacturing technology to achieve rapid integration and create great value for shareholders. \”U.S. dollars,\” he continued. Mr. TOM SALMON also said: \”RPC has very deep talent and resource accumulation, which has left a deep impression on us. Berry looks forward to taking this opportunity to give play to the valuable experience and core professional advantages of the two teams to enhance the synergy effect. I believe the acquisition of the acquisition of the acquisition It will further deepen Berry’s long -term business prospects and provide shareholders with unique value growth opportunities. \”Berry will provide related financing for the acquisition through the following ways: (1) Berry sales value of US $ 1.25 billion in May 2019, an annual interest rate of 4.875 %, Priority guarantee bills and USD 500 million in 2026, 5.625%annual interest rates, the income of sub -priority guarantee notes due in 2026; Loan, this loan also provides reinforcement services for Berry’s existing regular loans. Berry will announce the profitability in the third quarter on August 7, 2019, and will further communicate the progress of the acquisition.