BASF and Indian What Is Melt Blown Design Company jointly designed the concept of double -layer bed, which can be used as a bedroom in the living room

Date:2022-7-19 Author:Sam

At the forthcoming ChinaaPlas 2021 international rubber and plastic exhibition, BASF will display its first conceptual double bed online. This furniture was jointly created by experts from the BASF Creation Center and the well -known Indian design company Desmania, which reflects how flexible home solutions meet the latest trends of people at home. 20210303-basf_and_desmania_design_turn_living_space_into_bedroom_with_the_launch_designer_bunk_1.jpg to build the top of the sofa for the modern home office environment. The double -layer bed uses LSNH Cable Extrusion Line The wall design is very space -saving. After becoming up and down, it can make full use of vertical space without having to occupy additional ground space. Saurabh Singh, deputy director of Desmania Design Company, said: \”When a house builders create a modern living space, they value both the style of the furniture and the functionality. The overall design concept of this double -layer bed just meets their needs. Due to the epidemic, many people start working at home. They hope to put more thoughts into interior design and pay great attention to the happiness brought by comfortable living space. In this way, people’s requirements for furniture have become higher and higher.款两用沙发床采用了巴斯夫的高品质材料,其设计方案展示了家具在同一空间内不同款式和功能的效果。” 20210303-BASF_and_Desmania_Design_turns_living_space_into_bedroom_with_the_launch_of_designer_bunk_bed_2.png让双层床走进生活Desmania 设计师和巴斯夫对这The design of multi -functional beds is integrated to ensure that this double -layer bed can be used in different occasions. The designer carefully selected a variety of high -quality materials to make this furniture take care of functionality and security while ensuring beauty. The tenon -and -mortise structure and handrail of the bed rack uses Ultraform \u0026#174; Polytealderer (POM), which has excellent slip -resistant friction performance. The back of the sofa is made of BASF’s winning power \u0026#8482; (Infinergy) foaming thermoplastic polyurethane (E-TPU), which perfectly combines comfort and durability. The mattress part uses cosypur \u0026#174; high bomb (HR) foam material, which can provide just right support. Elastollan \u0026#174; The excellent stretching performance of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) makes it a cushion of ladder climbingThe ideal material can ensure that users go to bed safely.Minli Zhao, vice president of the Asia -Pacific consumer product industry in the Asia Pacific area of BASF Features, said: \”The launch of this double -layer bed coincides with the time: the epidemic makes people spend more time staying at home, so people start looking for innovation methods to make home change to change their homes.It can be more comfortable, can meet the needs of the use, and can be more flexible. With this double -layer bed, they can realize the real -time switching from the working area to the rest area, so that their living space can be played more flexible in a more flexible way.Multi -purpose. This time with Desmania designers, we have seen how to use our materials to achieve innovation from a brand new perspective, and also give us the opportunity to promote the advancement of double -layer bed technology. \”