Australian researchers have developed a new AC Wire VS DC Wire semiconductor that allows mobile phones to fold and recycle

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam

123] electronic waste was recycled. The sales of smartphones have been increasing,
10,000 tons of electronic waste. They pointed out that only
Australian experts invented a new semiconductor, which can turn on the direction A new generation of foldable mobile phones such as flexible and 100%recyclable electronic equipment. According to statistical analysis of researchers in the National University of Australia, Australia produces about
Recently, Australian experts invented a new semiconductor, which can turn on the new generation of foldable mobile phones and other flexibles and 100%. Recycling the gate of electronic equipment.

Australia sold approximately 950 10,000 smartphones. At present, Australia already has


Wan Note registered mobile phone users. In order to promote the recycling of electronic equipment, researchers and engineers of the Australian National University developed this semiconductor made of organic and inorganic materials. It can efficiently convert current into light energy. In addition, this semiconductor is also very thin and soft, which can help the production of folding mobile phones.
The unit of semiconductor is made of carbon and hydrogen, which is only equivalent to one atom. The thickness of the unit’s division is 2 an atom size. This hybrid structure can transform current into sufficient light energy to meet intelligenceDisplay demand for mobile phones, television and other electronic devices. \”

Electronic equipment made of degradable or easily recycled organic materials can be used to achieve large -scale production with this technological innovation.

] \”Australian National University Associate Professor Larry Lu \u0026 nbsp;

.He believes that this technological innovation will help reduce the output of electronic waste. In addition, the researcher ankur Sharma

said that the experiment has proved that the performance of these semiconductors can be higher than the tradition made of inorganic materials made of silicon.The performance of semiconductor, \”This new semiconductor potential is not small, it may make smart phones as powerful as today’s supercomputers.\”