At this Mercedes -Benz, BAIC, and FAW exchange conference, the host Plastic Granulator Machines Factory focuses on which materials and molding processes are concerned about

Date:2022-7-19 Author:Sam

Today, PIPE EXTRUSION LINE Under the leaders of the tenth CPRJ vehicle plastic technology forum and exhibition organizer, some participants participated in the Automobile Research Institute of Beijing Benz Automobile Co., Ltd. and Beijing Automobile Co., Ltd. And the OEMs of the Materials Institute of China FAW R \u0026 D General Council. Let’s take a look at the highlights of today’s exchanges! Beijing Mercedes -Benz: The exchange meeting of intelligent manufacturing Beijing Mercedes -Benz Automotive Co., Ltd. borrowed 5G and robots promoted the two themes of \”intelligent cost reduction experience and plan\” and \”intelligent future direction\”. Wang Ping’an, senior manager of Beijing Benz Auto Co., Ltd. (Beijing Benz) engine assembly workshop, believes that all intelligent manufacturing is to reduce costs and increase efficiency. Taking the Beijing Benz factory as an example, by conducting efficient and transparent management of production data, the data can be quickly carried out in time and feedback. At the same time, it also realizes global sharing of production data. Timely monitoring and calibration of closed loops. Wang Ping An Mercedes -Benz Beijing Factory, a senior manager of the Beijing Benz engine assembly workshop, is moving from preventive maintenance to predictive maintenance, and gradually promotes the real -time monitoring and feedback of data. \”For example, the noise analysis system uses a mobile phone to record the noise and upload it to the cloud for data analysis. If the noise is not in a reasonable range, timely test can be performed.\” Manager Wang said. He pointed out that in the future, 5G technology will not only accelerate the development of autonomous driving, but also make the automotive production line smarter and more efficient. \”For example, the current data transmission may take half an hour or even an hour, but 5G can allow the data to achieve real -time transmission and help create a intelligent manufacturing closed -loop ecosystem.\” In addition to using 5G technology to improve production efficiency, many car companies also also also By cooperating robots to replace manual operations. \”Compared with industrial robots, collaborative robots can perform some flexible and precise operations to replace artificially more likely.\” Manager Wang added. He emphasized that improving flexible production is also the general trend of automotive manufacturing in the future. \”We hope that each production line can achieve flexible manufacturing. At present, it has achieved flexible management in Mercedes -Benz. After the order can be customized according to the requirements of the car purchase requirements. In the future, we hope to achieve customized production of orders for the power assembly system, and finally realize the interconnection of all production data. \”WebWXGETMSGIMG (5) S.JPGWXGETMSGIMG (6) S. JPG listeners asked questions enthusiastically. Beijing Automobile: The theme of the interior of the interior of the interior is not focused on spray, antibacterial, antiviral, minimalist design of Beijing Automobile Co., Ltd. PerceiveDecorative material scheme. Song Yanling, the non -metallic technology manager of the internal and external decoration department of the Beijing Automobile Co., Ltd. Automobile Research Institute, to help the internal and external decoration innovation of the car in the car, such as in the production of grids and columns, use the free spray material and modeling design to allow the design to allow The appearance quality of the product is refreshing. \”But the traditional free spray -free material is mainly high -brightly black color. If you want to achieve the effect of high bright silver, you need to add metal powder, it is easy to produce melting marks. This will bring a lot of challenges to the molten design of the mold.\” Song Yanling said. WEBWXGETMSGIMG (1) S.JPG Beijing Automobile Research Institute’s internal and external decoration department of the Institute of Automotive Research, Song Yanling. Restrictions, but spray -free materials still have broad market prospects in the inside and outside of the car, which requires the cooperation of vehicle manufacturers, component structure suppliers, materials and equipment companies to overcome difficulties and go further. Regarding antibacterial materials, Song Yanling said that the entire vehicle factory not only focused on antibacterial performance, but also paid more attention to the persistence of antibacterials, as well as how effective the effectiveness of antibacterial antibacterial was under the explosive environment. These issues need to be studied in depth. \”In addition to antibacterial, antiviral is also the direction of car interior.\” Song Yanling added. Dr. Wang Dazhong of Band Technology shared the application of blond technology thermal reflection technology and optical sensing technology in automotive interior parts. He emphasized that all innovations must be done around market demand, not simply innovating for innovation. \”The essence of innovation is to adopt mature and stable craftsmanship to make the cost stall low and let consumers experience the convenience brought by technology.\” For example, Tesla Model3 not only sells well, but also continues to reduce prices. \”Its competitiveness mainly comes from the minimalist interior design. There is almost no keys in the entire interior. The touch screen is used to save the injection production cost of physical keys.\” Dr. Wang Dazhong said. 2 S.JPGWEBWXGETMSGIMG (4) S.JPG China FAW: Domestic needs break the interior of the interior, material and structural parts of China FAW R \u0026 D General Institute (FAW Group). The assembly is lightweight. Zhu Yi, senior director of the Materials Institute of FAW R \u0026 D General Hospital, pointed out in the material application of the \”Red Flag Brand\” sedan that the surface materials of the car interior decorative were three defense, and now they need to be six defense. It is necessary to prevent mildew and allergies. This is the senior director of the Faw Group Materials Institute (FAW Group) senior director Zhu Yiru’s interior parts need low VOC volatilization, which can release negative ions, sterilization and anti -allergies. For example, it is easier to achieve three defense and negative oxygen ion release separately, but if the two are superimposed or even requires six defense and release of negative oxygen ions, the stability of the product will weaken. The process is further optimized and improved.\”In addition, if you can realize the surface light material of the\” warm winter \”feeling, or the touch is particularly soft,\” the material that can find the feeling of first love \”is also the direction of FAW’s special attention.In terms of automotive smart chassis and shock absorbers, some materials and structural design are still monopolized by foreign companies. It requires domestic material suppliers, component suppliers, and vehicle cars to work together to break through the technical monopoly barriers.At the VIP dinner specially set up by the organizer last night (October 5th), the guests raised their toasts to celebrate. Let’s take a look at the wonderful tidbits.We will meet again next year!