Another cross -border mask!Electronic device vendors released N95 regeneration smart SPUNBOND POLYPROPYLENE mask

Date:2022-7-19 Author:Sam

On this CES in 2021, Razer, one of the game equipment brands, released the \”most intelligent mask in the world\” -N95 transparent smart mask, and it was immediately eye -catching.11. PNG Razer said that this mask is more environmentally friendly compared to a Profile Extrusion Line The smooth shell made of waterproof and scratch -proof plastic. This environmental design reduces waste of waste.In addition, this smart mask is also more comfortable when wearing. It uses a silicone sealing protective cover to close the face to prevent air from entering.The mask itself does not touch the mouth or sticks to the mouth, causing discomfort, so that the wearer can speak freely.Razer 2.JPEG is noticeable that there are two circular areas on both sides of the mask. They are used for ventilation, using active ventilations, filtering inhaled air and exhaled carbon dioxide.The mask can filter 95%of the particles in the air, including new coronary pneumonia virus and other common pathogens.Ventures are demolished and can be charged.Razer also embedded the microphone and loudspeaker in the mask, and passed the sound through the mask, so that the sound would not worry about the sound.