AIMPLAS intends to study antibacterial coating materials, use LSNH in hospital equipment

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam

In order to prevent hospital microorganisms from spreading, AIMPLAS (Plastic Technology Center) has developed MOBACT technology projects with the funding of the Valencian Innovation Agency (AVI).This project aims to reduce the reproduction of the surface microorganisms on the hospital’s equipment.AMP.JPGAIMPLAS is developing new coating materials for medical equipment to prevent hospital microbial communication.Aimplas Technology Center’s research is aimed at new materials with active substances with bacteriostatic or bactericidal ability.These new materials can be used for furniture coating or other surface coating, or injection components that prevent microorganisms.Ensuring the sustainability of materials is another goal. Researchers are using renewable compounds as alternatives for metal compounds.The results of this project will be verified in the hospital to check the effect and whether it meets the current regulations.At present, the project is in line with the United Nations’ strategic development goal (SDGS)