Agricultural plastic two key products in front of Melt Blown Material Scenery Outlook

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] 2 [123 ] 123] Agricultural thin film development prospects are broad
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The ground film and shed film are the two major markets for agricultural film. Its new market characteristics are pursuing higher functionality.


The application and development of agricultural film in modern agriculture \u0026 nbsp;

Agricultural film is a product that is used in agricultural production to protect plant moisture loss. The requirements of agricultural thin film are getting higher and higher, and various new films continue to appear. In economically developed countries, the amount of agricultural plastic film accounts for the total amount of all agricultural high polymer products



\u0026 nbsp; PE ) is an important agricultural production information after seeds, fertilizers, and pesticides. Its application brings a revolution to agricultural production and increases agricultural increase Effects and farmers have made important contributions. Agricultural film mainly includes modern agricultural coverage materials such as shed membrane and ground membrane, forage film, shading net, and insect -proof net. It is understood that China’s agricultural film production has ranked first in the world,



[ 123] 10,000 tons, which is the sum of other countries in the world 1.6 times. 2013 2009 The year of the year is almost even more up, reaching to reach 187.36 10,000 tons. At present, the annual usage of various sheds in China 150 10,000 tons, the annual update demand is about 70 [123 ] 10,000 tons. The commonly used thin films include polyvinyl chloride film, polyvinyl chloride non -drop film, polyethylene film, polyethylene non -drop film, polyethylene multifunctional composite film, and EVA Multi -functional composite film, etc. Among them, the average annual growth of the Chinese land film coverage 66.67 The current land film coverage has reached 1300 More than 10,000 hectares, the actual consumption of the membrane every year 45 10,000 tons, ranking first in the world. The area of \u200b\u200bfarmland that is suitable for the promotion of ground membranes is about 3700 10,000 hectares. With the rapid development of agricultural science and technology, the demand for ground membranes will continue to grow. \u0026 nbsp; At present, the national high -end agricultural film Only the total yield of agricultural film 2% , the mid -range agricultural film accounts for 20% [ 123], low -grade agricultural film occupies

78% , low -grade agricultural film products are too required, and medium and high -end products with developed countries account for


, mid -range agricultural film accounting for 50% , low -end agricultural film products accounted for [ 123] 30% The horizontal distance is far from. Modern agriculture is developing towards intensive, industrialization, internationalization, and characteristics. China’s agricultural industry layout will also be regional and characteristic. Industrial centers will continue to be in the advantageous production areasDevelopment, the facility structure tends to be large -scale, and the environmental regulation becomes intelligent. At the same time, China is a continental monsoon climate, suitable for the development of horticulture. The diversification of cultivation and gardening will become a new growth point of the garden industry. By 2014 In the year, the area of \u200b\u200bgardening facilities in the country will increase to ] 300 10,000 hectares. The area will expand to 2000 more than 10,000 hectares, the annual consumption of the ground film increases to ] About 10,000 tons; the area of \u200b\u200bthe heater for animal husbandry and aquatic products expanded to 10 About 10,000 hectares, the annual demand for ammonia, silage, and winding membranes The amount will reach 30 about 10,000 tons. \u0026 nbsp; Continuously expanding the needs of the industry, from the initial single PE

Film has continuously developed a multi -component thin film, mainly there are highlight energy series agricultural film, rare earths, rare earths Rotating agricultural film, high -efficiency lighting ecological film, multi -functional degradable liquid film, modified agricultural plastic greenhouse film, new environmentally friendly liquid agricultural film, paper floor film, etc.

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The agricultural thin film is in The prospects of modern agricultural development

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With the rapid development of multiple information technology such as computer technology, communication technology, and microelectronics technology and the rapid promotion of system applications in agriculture, in the process Land development and utilization of agricultural information resources, enhanced agricultural competitiveness, and promoting the sustainable development of the agricultural economy play a increasingly important role. At present, China’s agricultural film market is showing accelerated development, the scope of application is gradually expanding, and the promotion and use of high -end functional membranes has become a climate. The structure of the shed film film will develop towards multi -layer composite, and the performance towards high light transmission, high insulation, high intensity, long life and continuous flowing period, defenseThe development and comprehensive development direction of the rotten period, turning period, dustproof period, and anti -bacterial period; the development of the ground membrane towards the functions of protecting, heating, weeding, insect -proof and other functions; Essence According to reports, more than half of the planting area covered by agricultural membranes in the country is still blank; the proportion of functional membranes accounted for

30% , while foreign countries reached [ 123] 80%

; high school agricultural film production cannot meet market needs. It can be seen that the development prospects of China’s agricultural film industry are very broad and the market potential is huge.

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Great application potential \u0026 nbsp;

The significance of developing water -saving drip irrigation

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China is a country with relatively poor water resources. In recent years, the total water supply in the country is about

5500 billion -li meter ]

100 million cubic meters, accounting for the total water supply of the country

65% , it is a large -scale water use household. Global society is now facing a variety of crises such as energy, water, food, and population. Among them, the most serious and most influential crisis is the relative shortage of water resources. Because water is first necessary for human survival, and secondly, water is the lifeblood of agriculture and the national economy. For a country or region, the faster the economic development is, the less water resources.

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Increasing, social progress, surge in water consumption in industrial and cities, the contradiction between supply and demand for agricultural water use is more prominent. On the one hand, agricultural lack of water, and on the other hand, the waste of water use of agricultural water is common. The current effective utilization rate of agricultural water in China is only , that is, that is, that is, that is, that is, that is, that is, that is, that is, that is, that is, that is, that is, it is More than half of the water was wasted during the transportation and irrigation process. Solve the problem of water absentness of agricultural irrigation in ChinaIt is necessary to develop water -saving irrigation and adopt advanced water -saving irrigation technical measures to improve the effective utilization rate of irrigation water has become the key to achieving sustainable water resources. \u0026 nbsp; Application of drip irrigation technology

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Drip irrigation technology is the water -saving irrigation technology invented by the father and son of Habos, Israel McMMMPlas in Habos, Israel McMMBlas. This technology uses dripping heads, branches, and hair tubes to slowly drip the filtered water, fertilizer or other chemical agents into a irrigation system in the soil of the plant root. Under the action of gravity and capillary, the water dripping into the roots of the crops has spread water to the entire root, so that the soil in the main root area of \u200b\u200bthe crop often maintains the best water content. Due to the less disturbance of the soil structure during the irrigation process, it is conducive to maintaining the environmental conditions of loose and transparent roots of the crops, and can reduce the evaporation of the soil surface. In addition, after the field water recasting system is buried, it is convenient for farmland cultivation and crop cultivation management, and the anti -aging performance of the pipes after land burial is not easy to lose or artificially damaged. Compared with traditional irrigation methods, there are the following advantages: water -saving, fertilizer, energy saving, and uniform irrigation; strong adaptability to terrain and soil; increasing production and income, farmers can get real benefits; save labor, saving energy and reduced energy reduction and reduction Consumption to meet the sustainable development of agricultural production. \u0026 nbsp;

The feasibility of drip irrigation technology

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[ 123] Waste water shortage and water resources in Chinese agricultural production coexist, and agricultural production is facing a severe water crisis. Due to the relatively backward production technology, Chinese agricultural irrigation water has always been a large household for various types of water. Due to the large amount of water for irrigation, there are more and more land in agriculture. 123]

2667 about 10,000 hectares, the drought area and the affected area are compared with 50 [

Multiply increased by age. Although it is short of water, the waste of water is shocking. Due to the incomplete equipment of the irrigation district, most of the channels are not lined, and the phenomenon of leakage and drilling is very common. At present, the average coefficient of water use of agriculture in the country is only 0.5 . The amount of water lost every year 2000

billion M3 , equivalent ]

1kg/m3 , that is, 1m3

Water production cannot be produced 1kg

food, and some developed countries are mostly

2kg , the gap is very large. In addition, China’s agricultural water is mainly used for irrigation water for planting industries. In order to further improve and build an ecosystem and environment, and the development of forest animal husbandry, it is bound to have a contradiction with the planting industry. Most of China’s current agricultural production models are based on family. The form of land distribution is a small fields divided by a family. It is difficult to form a large -scale mechanized agricultural production and unified field management, making it difficult for advanced agricultural machinery to make full use of it. , Advanced agricultural management technology implementation difficulties. On land with irrigation conditions, irrigation water is wasted due to the segmentation of the bar. \u0026 nbsp; Analysis of the prospects of drip irrigation technology \u0026 nbsp; [ 123] As China’s agricultural technology is backward and operating is extensive, the cost of agricultural production in China is very high. After The strong impact brought by developed countries, so Chinese agriculture must change the low cost of the extensive business model, the intensive agricultural road with a high output, and the construction of high -efficiency agriculture can reduce the addition WTO The impact brought by. Development of water -saving irrigation agriculture is a major issue that is related to the social and economic development of China’s socio -economic and economic. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out the continuous construction of water -saving irrigation zones and technology transformations to vigorously develop water -saving agricultural agriculture.Essence Water -saving agriculture is one of the important parts of various measures with agricultural modernization facilities. At the same time, the efficient use of soil and soil resources, the close combination of economy, ecology, and social benefits is one of the goals pursued by sustainable agriculture. Water -saving irrigation implemented by the resource status and crop water requirement is a very important link to achieve this goal. \u0026 nbsp; The largest water saving in China is currently Equipment production enterprise is Xinjiang Tianye Group, which can provide 600 The production capacity of 10,000 mu of agricultural drip irrigation water equipment. The independent intellectual property rights and competitiveness are strong. In accordance with the development ideas of \”large -scale, circulating, and sustainable\”, the industry and products further extend to the upstream and downstream. ] High-efficiency agriculture

agricultural industrialization industry chain

Waste drip irrigation and reuse industrial chains have enhanced the conversion efficiency and comprehensive utilization efficiency of resources. It is also the world’s largest water -saving drip irrigation equipment production enterprise.

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Drip irrigation technology is developed in the country the most in the country The good is Xinjiang area. Since it is located in the arid regions of the northwest, Xinjiang as of the end

2013 At the end of the year, it has been planted in Xinjiang at the end of the year 1000

] 10,000 mu, expected in 2020

2500 Wan 10,000 mu. The development of drip irrigation technology has led to the development of the plastic industry, especially PVC A large number of drip irrigation bands and connecting pipelines, which strongly promote The economic development and solving the employment of a large number of population in Xinjiang have played a good effect of energy conservation and consumption reduction, water saving and efficiency, increasing production and income, and the market application prospects are broad. In Xinjiang, the provinces that mainly use drip irrigation and water -saving technology include Shanxi, Liaoning, Hainan, Henan, Gansu, Ningxia, etc., and the planting area reaches 1500 10,000 acres of acres Essence The promotion prospects in Xinjiang are particularly wideWide, it will play a huge role in the development of water -saving droplets and agriculture, and strive to achieve agricultural modernization. at the same time. Drip irrigation can not only plant cotton, tomatoes and other crops, but also plant crops such as pepper, potatoes, wheat, soybeans, sugar cane, corn, rice and other crops. \u0026 nbsp; The key issues

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Recycling problems need to be developed \u0026 nbsp; [ 123] With the large -scale application of ground membrane and drip irrigation technology in large areas, recycling has become a problem that is urgent to solve. The high -speed development of agricultural ground membrane and drip irrigation water savings market drives the amount of two products. The ground membrane and drip irrigation belt are basically a product that is used in one year. If it is not recycled in time, the impact on crops is extremely serious, and it will inevitably affect the use of the coming year. \u0026 nbsp; The recycling of agricultural membranes recently The year began to attract more and more attention, but due to the small amount of recycling, or that the artificial recycling process is not fine, the underground residual membranes have become an important disadvantages that affect the quality of land soil and subsequent crops. How to solve agricultural membrane recovery and reorganization is a problem that has begun to pay attention to at the current national level, and began to discuss new standards and development directions. At present, the direction of discussion in the market includes increased the thickness of the film to achieve reliable recycling and avoid the production of the residual membrane. The other direction is to use degradable ground membranes to reduce the adverse effects that the residual membrane may have on the environment. \u0026 nbsp;

The drip irrigation belt is existed in the soil It will also affect the soil structure and affect the growth of crops. The recycling and repetitive use of drip irrigation bands is an important measure to reduce drip irrigation investment and save costs. It is also positive for the protection of soil. At present, the recycling of drip irrigation belt is mainly manual recycling, the amount of labor is large, the operation efficiency is low, and the corresponding recycling costs are improved, and the recycling roll loosening is not conducive to moving and storage. Solving the recycling of drip irrigation bands is the key to whether the drip irrigation belt technology can be long -term and continuous application, and it is also a major issue that is related to the performance of land productivity and the benefit of future generations.

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Agricultural use


The pipe needs to be regulated

\u0026 nbsp; 123]

In plastic pipe, agricultural use pvc

The amount of pipes has always been far ahead It is mainly used in the laying of drip irrigation and agricultural membranes. As the main water supply pipe, it is deeply buried underground. 50

The warranty period of the drip irrigation pipe and As a one -year enpetter, the agricultural membrane needs to be continuously recovered and utilized to avoid environmental pollution.

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It is worth noting that [ 123] PVC There are still many problems that the pipeline industry is urgently needed. Because

PVC Tube technology is relatively mature. In recent years, it has not invested in product innovation in recent years, and there are not many new products. There are many general products in the market, high -tech and high value -added products. Similar universal products, medium -level low -end products account for the majority. Insufficient industry and product propaganda and popular science have affected the expansion of the reasonable application and scope of use of plastic pipelines. The market is irregular, and some companies have poor product quality and affect the healthy development of the industry. Some buyers are not the ultimate users of the product. They do not pay attention to brands and quality. They are often products with low quality and low prices occupy the largest market share.

pvc-u The tube is particularly serious. pvc-u

In the cost of the pipeline, material costs often occupy 70% ] On the left and right, some companies reduce product costs by reducing wall thickness and increasing calcium carbonate adding amounts, forming poor product quality, damaging the rights of users, and corrupting the industry’s image. Therefore, industry management and rectification are needed.

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Agriculture is the first industry that is related to the national economy and people’s livelihood. It contributes to agricultural plastic products to increase agricultural production, anti -season sales, and improve the quality of agricultural products.In the future, the agricultural application market will continue to bring huge development opportunities to the plastic industry.The production of high -quality products and providing high -quality reliable products for the agricultural market is not only the fundamental prerequisite for the sustainable and stable development of the agricultural plastic industry, but also reflects the conscience of each manufacturer or merchant.