AC DC Wire Differentes strives to achieve a 100%packaged cycle, Croger launched the \”Our Brand\” recycling plan nationwide

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam

On April 27, 2021, the US retail giant Kroger CO. cooperated with the American innovation and recycling company Terracycle to jointly initiate the \”Crog \u0026#174; our brand recycling plan\” (\”\” \” The activity of Kroger \u0026#174; Our Brands Recycling Program \”encouraged customers to mail Crog (all its) brand flexible plastic packaging. Cross said that the packed plastics mailing were cleaned and melted into hard plastic, which could be reshaped to create new recyclable products. Keith Dailey, vice president and chief sustainable development officer of Crog Group Corporation, a subsidiary of retail. Keep food quality and fresh, but it is more difficult to recover, and it is not accepted by street projects. \”Crog recognizes packaging -including plastic waste -may have a negative impact on the environment,\” he said. Customers are invited to collect flexible plastic packaging from Cross’s \”our brand\” products, such as bags, bags, pads and packaging, and put them into \”any available boxes\”. Then, through the webpage, they downloaded free prepaid transport labels in the created account, pasted the transport label on the box, and sent it back to Crog. Corresponding to each pound of packaging, participants can get points, and these points can be exchanged for donated to the participating charity organizations. KROGER.JPEG Cross initiated a recycling plan Croug said the project will help the United States establish a stronger recycling infrastructure and further promote the development of Crot’s \”zero hunger, zero waste\” social impact plan. This plan is open to individuals, enterprises, schools and communities. The company said that this is the extension of the Simple Truth \u0026#174; the extension of the recycling plan launched on August 4, 2020, which provides customers with the opportunity to recycle \”Simple Truth \u0026#174;\” organic brand products. Cross promised that by 2030, the greenhouse gas was reduced by 30%; \”our brand\” packaged 100%recyclable, compost or reused.