ABB will invest in Shanghai AC and DC Wire The Same to set up its world’s largest and most advanced robot super factory

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abb robot:
Investment 1.5
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ABB, the world’s leading digital technology company, announced that it will build a new, most advanced, and most flexible robot factory in China to achieve robots using robots. the most advanced, maximum automation and flexibility level Future factory.
] Integration of interconnected digital technology, first -class collaborative robot technology, and cutting -edge artificial intelligence research, create abb
100 million US dollars, strengthening

abb leading position in the global robot market \u0026#8226;

\u0026 nbsp ; Expansion of the R \u0026 D Center, accelerate the development of digital innovation and artificial intelligence technology \u0026#8226; 123] Innovative factory design, make full use of each inch of production space \u0026#8226; \u0026 nbsp; ABB


1992 Cumulative investment in China since the years 24 billion US dollars,




日, The world’s leading digital technology company ABB announced that it will invest in China 1.5 Create one of its largest, most advanced, most advanced, most advanced, most advanced in the world A flexible robot factory to make robots with robots. \u0026 nbsp; The new factory will be located in Shanghai Kangqiao, close to abb existing large robotic parks, using included including includes including

ABB ABILITY \u0026#8482;

Interconnected digital technology, first -class collaborative robot technology, and innovative artificial intelligence research, create ABB [ [ 123] The most advanced and environmentally friendly \”Future Factory\”. The factory is expected to be put into operation at the end of the year 2020 . This move is both abb As an important milestone as a Chinese robot manufacturer, it is also ABB ] A major investment in the world’s largest robot market in China. 2017 In the year, one -third of the world’s robots were sold to China, selling nearly 13.8 10,000 units. Now, ABB The robot business in China 20 The city owns


Yu Yu Famous engineers, technical experts and operators. abb Since 1992 Cumulative total investment in China has exceeded 24 billion US dollars , \u0026 nbsp; The total number of employees exceeds 18000 , of which there is about in Shanghai 5000 Famous employees. 10 27 , abb 123] Group is inShanghai signed a memorandum of understanding of strategic cooperation. The two parties will carry out comprehensive and in -depth strategic cooperation in the fields of industry, energy, transportation, and infrastructure to promote Shanghai to accelerate the construction of a global science and technology innovation center and make every effort to start the \”manufacturing\” brand. Shanghai Mayor Ying Yong attended the signing ceremony and and ABB Group CEO Shi Bifu, ABB Group Asia, the Middle East Group Asia, the Middle East And Gu Chunyuan, ABB (China) Co., Ltd., president of African region president, met with Zhang Zhiqiang and his party.

\”China’ s promise to the transformation of manufacturing has pointed out the direction for other parts of the world \”, ABB Group CEO Shi Bifu said : \”Incorporating cutting -edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics, and cloud computing into strategic planning can provide reference for every country dedicated to establishing a manufacturing base with global competitiveness. Whether it is ABB [ 123] For the world, Shanghai has become an important center with advanced technical leadership. Based on this deepening cooperation, we look forward to cooperating with Shanghai Mayor Ying Yong, other leaders and customers to continue to promote the business in China Layout, renew the new glory of the robot business. \” Digital Future Factory Leading Development \u0026 nbsp; [123 ] – \u0026 nbsp; Customized solution and performance improvement

The new Shanghai plant will adopt a large number of machine learning, digital and collaborative solutions to make it an advanced, highly automated, and highly flexible factory in the robot industry. In addition, its R \u0026 D center will also help accelerate the innovation in the field of artificial intelligence. ABB The new global design concept announced earlier this year will also help the new factor Different types of types) realize a higher degree and faster customization to meet customer needs.


The new robotic factory will adopt a nearly infinite customized solution. ABB An Shiming, President of the Robot and Movement Control Division, said: \”The concept behind the new factory is consistent with the suggestions we provide to customers, that is, right Flexible and flexible automation solutions invest in response to various market changes. Large -scale customization, faster cycle and continuous changes have become the new normal. This is in our own work.The same is true of the factory. abb Very proud to make full use of advanced technologies to provide solutions for Chinese and global customers to help them respond to challenges brought by the new normal. \” The entire new factory will use digital twin technology to provide intuitive customized instrument boards for management, engineers, operators, and maintenance experts in order to make better decisions, including passing ABB ABILITY \u0026#8482;

Interconnected service collection and analysis of the factory

The robot’s health and performance information Abnormal situation.

Abb Ability \u0026#8482; not only can help avoid high cost -expensive stops, but also provides advanced digital solutions to improve performance, reliability and energy utilization rate, and also provide the utilization rate of performance, reliability and energy utilization, and You can also access the global advanced platform, such as the first international public cloud service in China -Microsoft Azure Enterprise Cloud.

[ 123] Innovative design Optimize the use of production space The new factory layout planning is novel and flexible, and it will be based on the automated islands connected instead of a fixed assembly line. The entire factory will use

ABB Logistics automation solution, including automatic guide cars, can track the movement of the robot in the production process, and provides parts from the localized workstation to it So as not to increase production capacity without additional production capacity, make production efficiently adapt to changes in the Chinese robot market. ABB Ni Side, the global head of robot business, said: [[[[[[[[[[[ 123] \u0026 nbsp; \” In the past, we have always regarded factory scale and capital expenditure investment as a way to meet future needs. Now this situation has changed dramatically. The concept behind our new factory is to use each inch of production space in an intelligent and flexible manner to achieve this goal by combining flexible automated solutions with the excellent working ability of employees. \” In order to achieve large -scale customized production and ensure high -level production efficiency and flexibility, the new factory will be widely used abb safemove2

Software , Realize the safety collaboration between people and robots. In addition, abb yumi The robot can also create abb

Robotic InstituteRequires a variety of small assembly tasks to provide close collaboration. abb As early Multinational robot suppliers of production, system integration and service full -value chain business. Through closely cooperating with customers,

ABB has created a number of innovative applications for local manufacturing, including car stamping, welding and spray production lines, mobile phone installation lines, and white home appliance automated production lines. \” 2018 The year is China’s reform and opening up

40 .\” abb President of the Group Asia, the Middle East and Africa \u0026 nbsp; ] \u0026 nbsp; \”

With the rapid development of China’s economy and society,

ABB becomes a pioneer in realizing the localization of full value chains. As the Chinese robot industry We are very happy to further expand investment based on the existing success. The new Shanghai plant will have a comprehensive R \u0026 D center, which will become [ [ 123] ABB An important part of the global robot supply system. This system also includes the recently upgraded Sweden Westrose Factory and the Obonshan Factory in Michigan, USA.

[123 ]