312 million euros cash have been the highest since the listing!

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam

\u0026#8226 expected target in 2021: After adjustment, EBITDA will be between 2.1 billion and 2.3 billion euros \u0026#8226; in the first quarter, sales increased by 4%, and after adjustment, EBITDA increased by 15%\u0026#8226; free cash flow was almost almost the same Last year’s three times, reaching 312 million euros in 2021. The start of the winning start is strong, releasing optimistic signals for good returns throughout the year. Thanks to the growth of global market demand and the increase in sales prices, the sales of sales and returns in the first quarter of Winning have increased. Special additives, nutrition and consumer chemicals, and intelligent materials three major growth business departments have continued to drive their performance, showing good growth momentum. \”The strong start of the first quarter of the first quarter made our confidence in the first quarter of the year’s good performance. The income in the first quarter was significantly improved. Level. Our growth strategy is playing a role. \”At present, Winchuang is expected to be adjusted to 2.1 billion euros to 2.3 billion euros in 2021. Earlier, the group’s expected adjustment of EBITDA will not be less than 2 billion euros. Sales are expected to be between 12 billion euros and 14 billion euros. In 2020, after the adjustment of Winning, EBITDA was 1.91 billion euros, with sales of 12.2 billion euros. In the first quarter of 2021, the EBITDA was 588 million euros, an increase of 15%from the same period in 2020, and an increase of 9%over the same period in 2019. In the first quarter, sales increased by 4%year -on -year to 3.36 billion euros. After adjustment, net income increased by 32%to 239 million euros. Evonik.jpg Yingchuang released the first quarter of 2021 Financial report: Strong start performance, improvement of the annual expected year -on -year, thanks to the continuous recovery of the group’s business development, strict operating funds management, and lower tax expenditure. Last year, it reached 312 million euros, which was higher than the same period before the epidemic in 2019 (159 million euros). UTE Wolf, the chief financial officer of Yingsheng, said: \”In the first quarter, the free cash flow had reached the highest level since the group was listed in 2013. Our goal is very clear, that is, the growth of free cash flow. At present, this strategy is very effective . \”Special additive business department of the business department’s performance: sales increased by 6%in the first quarter to 907 million euros. The demand for coating additives in all regions has increased significantly, driving its sales significantly. The increase in demand for durable products has pushed the sales of polyurethane foam additives for mattresses and refrigerators. The demand for additives in the construction industry is still strong. Product demand in the renewable energy market has increased significantly,Especially in the Asian market. After the business department’s adjustment, EBITDA increased by 14%to 273 million euros. Nutrition and consumer chemical business department: In the first quarter, sales increased by 4%to 780 million euros. The sales of animal nutritional essential amino acids remain stable. Medical health and nursing products are driven by market demand, and their performance is good. Among them, the active ingredient business used for cosmetics continued to develop well. Thanks to the increase in price and active cost management measures, the business department’s adjustment of EBITDA increased by 21%to 143 million euros. Intelligent material business department: In the first quarter, sales increased by 6%to 909 million euros. Among them, the inorganic material application market, the silicon dioxide business used in the tire industry has recovered with the improvement of the global economy. The needs of cleaning and nursing products and environmental protection applications are still strong. The acquisition of Porocel’s company completed in November 2020 brought a positive impact on the catalyst business. The improvement of market demand in the automotive industry has led to the development of high -performance polymer business. The sales of polyamide 12 powder have also increased. After the business department’s adjustment, EBITDA increased by 4%to 173 million euros. Functional material business department: In the first quarter, sales fell by 1%to 580 million euros. Due to the increase in market demand and increase in sales prices, the sales of carbon four products increased. Due to the influence of severe weather, the production capacity of super absorbers declined in the first quarter, and business development was affected. After the business department was adjusted, EBITDA increased by 18%to 42 million euros. Like 0 label financial report Yingchuang EVONIK