300 million euros!DOMO chemistry acquisition of solving Europe PVC PELLETIZING MACHINE high -performance polyamide business

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam

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\”By integrating the complementary advantages of different teams and talents of the two companies, we will provide a unique and competitive integrated nylon solution withBusiness (6 and 6.6), and promote sustainable future growth through a strong innovation platform, thereby enhancing our outstanding performance in customers. The good reputation of the brand will perfectly supplement Domo Chemical Company Domamid \u0026 Reg; a series of projects and primitive grade polyamide products, as well as ECONAMID \u0026 Reg; series of regeneration polypramine. We look forward to providing an excellent opportunity for personal and career development for employees of the two companies. \”
This acquisition will significantly strengthen the DOMO chemistry company downstream nylon engineering materials business -Colon a large -scale European company. The result is to form a safe supply of integrated business and key raw materials with unique technical capabilities. DOMO will focus on promoting joint innovation and accelerate future growth. Through this acquisition, the total operating volume of DOMO chemistry will increase from 900 million euros to 1.6 billion euros. When talking about DOMO Chemistry, CEO Alex \u0026 Nbsp; Segers said the acquisition was \”an important step forward\”. \u0026 nbsp;
DOMO Chemical Company and Solvay recently signed an agreement to acquire Solvay’s high -performance polyamide business in Europe. The scope includes: France and Poland’s engineering plastic business; France’s high -performance chemical fiber business; and aggregate products and intermediate products operated by France, Spain and Poland. The business includes production, sales, technical support, research and development and innovation services, and currently has about 1,100 employees. \u0026 nbsp; The acquisition needs to be approved by the competent authority authorities, and it is expected to be completed at the end of the fourth quarter of 2019. \u0026 nbsp; This acquisition price will reach 300 million euros, which will be paid by DOMO Chemical Corporation in cash and debt -free. The acquisition of this PA \u0026 NBSP; 6.6 leading enterprise will greatly strengthen the DOMO chemical company’s downstream nylon engineering plastic business \u0026 nbsp;-\u0026 nbsp; to create a large-scale European company, so that it is used in European PA6 \u0026 NBSP;/\u0026 NBSP. ; 6.6 The status of the leader of the middle collar entered the market.
本次收购会显着加强DOMO化学公司下游尼龙工程材料业务 - 并创建一家具有规模的欧洲领先企业。
He explained:
Daomo chemistry is a company that can carry out integrated nylon \u0026 nbsp; 6 \u0026 nbsp; main business products in the world include nylon \u0026 nbsp; 6 \u0026 nbsp; middle products (己 内, cycosone, phenol, Acetone, etc.), nylon \u0026 nbsp; 6 \u0026 nbsp; resin, nylon \u0026 nbsp; 6 \u0026 nbsp; engineering plastics, fertilizer, engineering plastics and nylon \u0026 nbsp; 6 \u0026 nbsp; packaging film. Engineering materials business \u0026 nbsp;-\u0026 nbsp; and create a large-scale European company.

BASF and French DOMO Chemistry For the establishment of a joint venture for the production of Ji Dievic acid

It is worth noting that this agreement also includes BASF and French DOMO Chemistry to establish a joint venture for production. According to the signed in September 2017, Agreement, BASF will acquire the global polyamide 6.6 business other than Europe, including Solvid’s joint venture factory Butachimie in the French joint venture factory. The end of the year, provided that the transactions between Daomo and Solvi were approved and the relevant competition regulatory agencies were approved.

BASF intends to acquire Solvi in \u200b\u200bGermany, France, China, India, South Korea,,, South Korea,,, A total of eight production bases in Brazil and Mexico. BASF and Daomo chemistry also plans to set up joint ventures in France to produce their own acid. In addition, Solvi is located in three R \u0026 D centers in South Korea, China and Brazil, as well as Europe, Asia, and Asia, Asia, and in Europe, Asia, and Asia and Asia Six technical consulting centers in North America and South America will be transferred to BASF name.

BASF’s purchase price paid on the basis of cash -free and debt -free. The sales of related businesses related to Solvi in \u200b\u200b2018 are about 1 billion euros. About 700 Solvid employees will transfer to BASF after the transaction is completed. BASF and Daomo’s joint venture to be established in France will hire contracts 650 employees. BASF plans to integrate the business of the acquisition into the single and characteristic material business department.

This acquisition will help BASF better enter the important growth market in Asia and South America to promote the promotionEntry close cooperation with local customers.The BASF Engineering Plastic Product Line and Product Combination will also be strengthened to further consolidate BASF’s position as a supplier of innovation solutions for transportation, construction and consumer goods industry.By integrating the upstream key raw materials, such as the second (ADN), BASF will strengthen the polyamide 6.6 value chain, thereby further improving the ability to produce polymer.