$ 2 billion!Hillennon Woven Fabric Machinebrand will acquire Miraco

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam

Hillenbrand will acquire Miracan for about $ 2 billion in cash and stock transactions. Hillenbrand INC. and Miraklon have recently announced that the two parties have signed a final merger and acquisition agreement. According to this agreement, Hillenbrand will acquire Miraklong for about $ 2 billion in cash and stock transactions, including about March 31st’s contract as of March 31st. $ 686 million in net debt. According to the terms approved by the board of directors of the company, the ordinary shares per share of Miraklong’s shareholders can receive $ 11.80 cash per share, and replaced with a fixed share exchange ratio of 0.1612 shares to Hillenbrand ordinary shares. Miraklong specializes in the production, sales, engineering services and customization system services of fluid technology and processing systems. The company operates three departments: Melt Delivery \u0026 Control Systems, which is specially designed and manufactured by high -engineering, advanced technology control systems, and mold bases and components. Advanced Plastics Processing Technology is responsible for designing and manufacturing plastic processing equipment and systems, including injection, extrusion and auxiliary systems; in addition, the Fluid Technologies are specially produced for various metal processing. Process products. Through this transaction, Hillenbrand was able to use the leading brands of Mirakon (including Mold-Masters and Milacron injection molding) to add new strategic business to the thermal flow system and injection molding. The key step of the enterprise. After the merger, the enterprise will jointly expand the scale, realize product diversification, and enhance the ability to serve customers through complementary technologies in the plastic value chain, including plastic basic resin production, composite materials production, extrusion and injection molding products, and recycling, etc. Essence Joe Raver, President and CEO of Hillenbrand, said, \”By this acquisition, we can use Miracong’s leading technical solutions and huge customer groups to change our investment portfolio and product types to help us achieve long -term growth. Mirak Mirak. The conditions of the dragon are in line with our profit growth strategy and the acquisition framework. We expect to obtain additional capabilities from its high -performance segment, thereby accelerating our free cash flow, and increasing the profit margin of the overall business. \”Miraklong chief chief Executive Tom Goeke said: \”After detailed review, our board of directors agreed that merging with Hillenbrand is a special opportunity that can bring significant and real -time value to the shareholders of Miraklong, and can be able to from the company’s upward potential after the merger. Benefiting. Hillenbrand is in advanced engineering product combinationMask has huge growth potential and driving value.At the same time, we will continue to provide customers with breakthrough products and customer systems.This combination is a reflection of significant progress in the efforts of Miracan’s team to consolidate the leading position of global plastic technology and processing of enterprises.I believe we have found a powerful partner in Hillenbrand and look forward to a smooth transition.\”The transaction is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2020. It is approved by the customary transaction conditions and the regulatory authorities, including the approval of the Michaklona shareholder