$ 2.1 billion!Hunsmi sells its chemical intermediate and surfactant industry Twin Screw Extruder Made in China and sell it to this company

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam

This indicates that we have established another milestone in corporate strategy, because our strategy is to focus more on the downstream and special chemistry in the corporate strategy. Business, create more stable profits and stronger free cash flow. We are committed to maintaining a strong investment -level asset liability statement, conducting stock repurchase, investing benign development research, selective expansion capacity, and acquisition of acquisitions Strategic assets that can increase the company’s income and create value for shareholders. \”[[[[[
Peter \u0026 Nbsman, chairman, president and chief executive officer, said: \”This transaction has promoted Hunsmai’s balance sheet and future development. We have accelerated our expansion capabilities in the downstream field and further enriching our product portfolio.
] The transaction volume of $ 2.076 billion was about 8 times the pre -sales profit (EBITDA), which was adjusted after the first 12 months, including about 30 million US dollars of reserved sales costs, comprehensive expenses and overall expenses and comprehensive expenses and comprehensive expenses. Administrative expenses (SG \u0026 A). Hunsman is expected to gradually eliminate.
According to the terms of the agreement, Indorama Ventures will acquire Hunsmai in Neicas, Dayton, Chocolate Bayou, India, Ankreshwal and Betany, Australia.
根据协议条款,Indorama Ventures将收购亨斯迈位于德克萨斯州内奇斯港、Dayton、Chocolate Bayou、印度安克雷什瓦尔、以及澳大利亚博塔尼的生产基地。
Hunsmai announced that it has reached the final agreement with Indorama \u0026 Nbsp; Ventures to sell chemical intermediate business (including PO \u0026 NBSP;/\u0026 Nbsp; MTBE and its surface active agent) to the other party. 2 billion US dollars in cash value, plus the pension supplement with a value of $ 76 million and the transfer of other welfare payment after resignation. \u0026 nbsp;
According to the terms of the agreement, Indorama \u0026 NBSP; Ventures will acquire Hunsmai’s production bases in Neiches, DAYTON, Chocolate \u0026 Nbsp; Bayou, Ankreshwal, India, and Botany, Australia. Essence The transaction needs to be subject to the approval of the regulatory authorities and the conditions of other conventional transactions, and it is expected to complete the transaction by the end of the year.
\u0026 nbsp; \”For Indorama \u0026 nbsp; Ventures, they will harvest strong EO \u0026 nbsp;/\u0026 nbsp; PO derivatives business, and an experienced management team and employees; this is also an opportunity for enterprises to add an opportunity for enterprisesHundreds of product levels and thousands of customer resources. Hunsmai is looking forward to cooperating with Indorama \u0026 Nbsp; Ventures through long -term business (including epoxide supply) to become customers and manufacturing partners.
Indorama \u0026 Nbsp; VenturesThe Group CEO ALOKE \u0026 Nbsp; Lohia said that the acquisition was an important step for the company to move towards global diversified chemical companies.