100%recycling!Highland Spring launched 100%Non Woven Spunbond PolyPropylene raw plastic bottled water

Date:2022-7-19 Author:Sam

123] The bottle of water was packaged \”
The bottle of water is characterized by \”100 % recycled plastic\” with packaging water. The bottle body, label and bottle cap are 100 % recyclable. 100
Following the recognition of the trial packaging last year, the Scottish mineral water brand \”Highland Spring\” ( Highland Spring ) announced that it will expand within the UK.
% regenerative plastic bottled water.

% recyclable recyclable can be recycled \”Plastic\” features. Highland Spring said that although the bottle body is completely made of regenerative plastic, the label and bottle cap are not. However, the bottle body, label and bottle cap are 100 % recyclable.

Starting from last year 6 After this series of bottled water, consumers hope to use the feedback from environmentally friendly plastic bottles. Highland Spring announced that it will be launched later this year 100 % regeneration and recyclable plastic Ecological bottle water. This includes a new Highland Spring Kids

Ecological bottled water , to help young people understand the importance of healthy drinking water and reliable recycling. This bottle water will be available from 5 Month.

During the test,
Highland Spring said that only one -tenth of the shoppers noticed that the packaging of ecological bottled water was packed in recycled materials Different. A consumer survey shows that 60 % of the shoppers are willing to spend more money to buy ecological bottled water, most people can accept 5 pointer’s price rise. Highland Spring \u0026 nbsp; Group CEO of the Group Les Montgomery said: \”People people say:\” People Pay attention to the environmental benefits of

100 % of the environmental protection benefits of recycled plastic bottles. Highland Spring will give priority to increasing the use of recycled plastics, which is also us It is very exciting to provide a mission of healthy drinking water in the environment of sustainability. We hope that ecological bottled water and 100 % of innovative products such as recycled plastic bottled water The proportion of supermarkets can increase, which will help shoppers to understand that plastic should be used as a precious resource that should not be regarded as waste. \”