1 billion!BD received a large Nonwoven Scream Barrel new crown vaccine syringe order

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam

The world’s well -known medical equipment, reagent production and sales companies Becton, Dickinson and Company (BD) recently received orders related to the new crown vaccine injection and needle, with a total of more than 1 billion syringes. BD stated that the planning of new crown vaccination is fully supported. At present, some orders have been shipped. BD has delivered more than 300 million syringes to the world, and the remaining orders will be delivered at the end of 2021. These syringes will be shipped to the government or designated distribution cooperation agencies, and then distribute these injection equipment to medical institutions in accordance with the policies of various countries or regions. BD injection .jpgbd received more than 1 billion syringe orders. In addition to being fully prepared for the current new crown vaccine, BD also takes multiple measures to ensure that the international community will carry out large -scale vaccination in the future: (1) BD’s syringe production line project worth $ 70 million in cooperation with the US government to further expand the BD in The manufacturing capabilities of Nebraska in the United States. The new production line is expected to be put into production in the summer of 2021. Once completed, the federal government will give priority to the use of hundreds of millions of syringes to support future large -scale vaccination work. (2) BD will invest about 1.2 billion US dollars within four years to expand and upgrade the manufacturing capabilities and technologies of pre -filled injection and drug conveying systems to cope with the increase in the number of injections and vaccines. Copy capacity under great popularity. (3) BD actively cooperate with the Medical Technology Association and the research team to deal with the challenges of production syringes, propose solutions and further innovation, and support more sustainable vaccine ecosystems.