1 billion US dollars against abolition of abolition: Procter \u0026 Gamble, Weiliya, Belry International, Chevron Felipus WPC PVC worker and other giants set up the AEPW Alliance

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Data Source: AEPW official website, Procter \u0026 Gamble website, Weiliya official website, Lehend Basel official website, Bilen International official website, etc.
recyclables and recycling users (including retailers and brand vendors) Share environmental protection solutions suitable for packaging, electrical and automobiles and other industries, actual successful cases, plastic recycling measures, and transnational cases.
123] investment of more than $ 1 billion, and plans to raise $ 1.5 billion in the next five years to develop and expand waste plastic management solutions to promote waste plastic management and again Use solution.
BASF, Barry International, Brasso, Chevron Felipus Chemical Co., Ltd. Sink, Tao, Disman, ExxonMobil, Formosa Plastics, Han Gao, Landing Basel, Mitsubishi Chemistry, Mitsui Chemistry, Nova Chemical, Oxychem, P \u0026 G Sasol (SASOL), Susis environment, shell, SCG \u0026 Nbsp; Chemicals, Sumitomo Chemistry, Daedal, Verrica and Versalis.
These institutions have joined AEPW:
Recently, nearly 30 global companies and institutions from plastic and consumer goods value chains have announced the establishment [123 ]
Remove the Alliance \u0026 Nbsp; to \u0026 Nbsp; End \u0026 Nbsp; Plastic \u0026 Nbsp; Waste, AEPW).
AEPW promises
AEPW aims to minimize the impact of plastic waste on the natural environment of the ocean, and at the same time promotes the solutions of plastic after various consumption, and actively respond to the increasingly severe plastic waste challenge.
In the future, the AEPW plan is done:

Infrastructure: development infrastructure to collect and manage Waste, promote circulation;

Innovation: Promote the development and expansion of new technologies, make the recycling and cycle use of plastic easier, and develop the re -use value of abandoned plastic;

Propaganda and cooperation: Carry out publicity and cooperation from the government, enterprises, and communities to mobilize the enthusiasm of all parties;

It is the main waste transmission pipeline, such as transmitting land waste plastic to the river of the ocean.

\u0026 nbsp; Alliance member corporate executives have called Call
  • Antoine \u0026 nbsp; from
  • 123]
  • \”The success of this international action alliance requires the cooperation and coordination of multiple cross -industry sectors. Some projects need to be carried out in the near future, and some projects need long -term investment.\”

Weili Ya is committed to eliminating waste -shaped pollution. Its \u0026 nbsp; \”bottle to botttle-to-bottle) recycling projects in Rostick, Germany, can make 1 billion plastic bottle reborn in the year.
Weiliya adopted a new bottle to bottle technology, so that the processing process no longer requires traditional hot melt and reshaping steps.

The collected waste plastic bottle is automatically separated on the production line through the technology, and the label and bottle cap are removed and pressed it into \”PET thin pieces\”.

Next, after cleaning and the most important mechanical chemistry (Hybrid-UNPET \u0026 NBSP; Process) Grade quality, finally purified, can be transported to plastic bottle manufacturers for re -processing.

Since the melting link has been saved,
The recycling PET of new technology manufacturing is compared with the newborn PET, saving 31,000 tons of fuel consumption each year, carbon dioxide emission reduction is 70%. emission.
Tom \u0026 Nbsp; SALMON

\” This makes us feel encouraging. By adding the clearance of the plastic waste action alliance, we can play a greater role in the use of plastic product terminals. \”
Belly International Group insisted on in various consumer packaging packages Use renewable plastic PCR content to the greatest extent.

The group’s leading processing technology and the latest materials and product technology can make the greatest extent using PCR \u0026 NBSP; content, and can also take into account consumers’ needs for appearance, touch and performance.
Verdant packaging range covers inventory and custom pipes, bottles, cans and blocks.

P \u0026 G CEO David \u0026 Nbsp; Taylor

The waste should not be snewed in any corner of the ocean or the earth. This is a complex and severe global challenge. I call on all companies to join this alliance, regardless of size, industry, and regions. \”
In response to marine waste plastic pollution, P \u0026 G adopts a strategy of combining internal and external internal and external. Inside the enterprise,
Procter \u0026 Gamble’s solution from the source to prevent packaging from flowing into the ocean. For example, a Fairy \u0026 Nbsp; Ocean \u0026 Nbsp; Plastic plastic bottle made of 10%marine waste plastic and 90%consumption. Essence

At the same time,
cooperate with relevant organizations and institutions to develop a solution to prevent plastic from flowing into the ocean. \”FRASH \u0026 NBSP; Free \u0026 Nbsp; Seas \u0026 Nbsp; Alliance\” \”and\” FRASH \u0026 Nbsp; Free \u0026 Nbsp; Seas \u0026 NBSP; Alliance. Procter \u0026 Gamble also promised to realize 100%recycled and then packaged by 2030, and allow all P \u0026 G’s plastic waste away from the ocean.

Chevron Felipus Chemical Co., Ltd. President Mark \u0026 \u200b\u200bNbsp; Lashier
. \”As one of the members of the Clear Plastic Waste Action Alliance, Our mission is to continue to provide valuable plastic materials and help the society to prevent the abolition of plastic from flowing into the environment. \”

Its American Styrenics joint venture has further strengthened investment in recycling technology.

The joint venture recently announced that it has cooperated with Agylix Company, jointly operated a recycling center that transformed waste polystyrene plastic products into liquid styrene.

Based on its technology that can convert waste plastics into available prototypes, America \u0026 Nbsp; styles and agrix are committed to preventing plastic waste from entering the environment Create a cycle solution with industry value.

Bob \u0026 NBSP; Patel

\”History tells us the common actions and collaboration between industry, government and NGO organizations, which can bring innovative solutions to global challenges such as waste plastic pollution. The problem of waste plastic pollution can now be deeply felt in the world. It is time to wake up the alarm clock and action. \”
In terms of dealing with waste plastic pollution, Lyan Bassel also launched two major projects to help eliminate elimination Plastic waste
, one of which is the establishment of a joint venture, acquiring plastic recycling enterprises, and helping its technology research and development, product development and market development;

] The other is to cooperate with scientific research institutions to promote the research and development of chemical recycling technology.
The purpose is to develop new catalysts and processing technologies to degrade plastic after consumption into cleaning materials for new products.
From the \”Plastic Strategy\” continuously promoted by the European Union to the \”New Plastic Economy Initiative\” initiated by the Allen MacArthur Foundation to the clear plastic waste action alliance announced yesterday, the circular economy has become the plastic processing industry The main trend of development. In China, how should we seize this industry change opportunity?

Come here, may wish to
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